Dramatically low commercial cylinder price… Do you know what the price is in Chennai? | Price of commercial LPG cylinder slashed by Rs.96 in Chennai


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Published: Thursday, September 1, 2022, 9:06 [IST]

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CHENNAI: Cylinder price for commercial use is Rs. 96 decreased. This marked the fifth consecutive month of reductions in commercial use cylinders.

There are two types of cylinders sold in India namely commercial use and domestic use. 14.2 kg cylinder is used for domestic use and 19 kg cylinder for commercial use. Also every month, oil companies change the price of cylinders.

In recent times, cylinder prices for commercial use have been on the decline, while domestic cylinder prices have remained unchanged. Due to this the housewives are facing great difficulty. Apart from this, the rise in domestic cylinder prices has bitten the monthly budget of the middle class. Similarly, as the price of a cylinder for commercial use is more than Rs.2,000, the prices of tea, coffee and food items have started increasing in some places. This created an additional burden on the public.

Domestic cylinder price unchanged! Commercial cylinder price is Rs 36.50 less.. Middle people are sufferingDomestic cylinder price unchanged! Commercial cylinder price is Rs 36.50 less.. Middle people are suffering

Cylinder price

Cylinder price

Due to this, the public demanded to reduce the price of cylinders. Along with that, opposition parties including Congress also joined the protest. Every month, on the 1st of the month, there is a huge discussion about this on social media.

Reduction in cylinder price

Reduction in cylinder price

In this situation, today the price of cooking gas cylinder for commercial use has been drastically reduced. The price of this 19 kg cylinder has been reduced by Rs.95. This price reduction is effective from today. As a result, 19 kg cooking gas cylinder was sold at Rs.2,141 in Chennai, but now it will be sold at Rs.2,045.

Reduced to 5 months

Reduced to 5 months

Similarly, the price of a cylinder for commercial use in Delhi has been reduced by Rs.91.50. This has reduced the cylinder price for commercial use for 5 consecutive months. A 19 kg cylinder, which was sold at Rs 2,219 last May, is now being sold at Rs 1,976.50 in various states.

No change

No change

However, no change has been announced in the price of 14.2 kg cylinder for domestic use. As a result, the price of household cylinder will remain unchanged at Rs.1,068.50. It is noteworthy that the domestic cylinder price has been sold unchanged since July.

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English summary

Price of commercial LPG cylinder slashed by Rs.96. The cost of commercial gas cylinders has decreased for five consecutive months. The price of the gas cylinder, which peaked at Rs 2,354 on May 19, 2,022, was Rs 2,219 on June 1.

Story first published: Thursday, September 1, 2022, 9:06 [IST]

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