Does your child constantly fight with others? Make me humble with these remedies

Does your child constantly fight with others? Make me humble with these remedies
Does your child constantly fight with others? Make me humble with these remedies

Does your child constantly fight with others?  |  Photo courtesy: Times Now

A bit of work

  • Small children often start fighting
  • Fighting habits can become troublesome in adulthood
  • Humility can be taught to children in simple ways

Bullying Child: No child is violent by birth. A child is formed by seeing the picture seen in his family and society. Children are formed on the basis of the atmosphere around them, the culture they get from home, family and surroundings. Some children start becoming violent from childhood. It is seen that these children are beating up children of their age or younger than us. Some people find it very admirable and brave. But a child who fights since childhood is likely to become a problem for the family and society in the future. If your child is hitting others or being a bully, it is necessary to change this habit in time. This can be done with some simple steps.

Check your behavior

As we treat children, children try to treat others. Parents’ behavior is the first step in the formation of children. If you are bullying or supporting others when you are a child, then hitting the children seems like a simple solution to the problem. So children also start beating. It is necessary to give up one’s own violent actions and thoughts.

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Learn to help the weak

Being strong does not mean bullying others. Helping the weak and vulnerable is the job of a truly powerful person, a lesson that needs to be taught to children.

Teach compassion

Developing compassion in children is one of the most challenging responsibilities of any parent. Generally, parents create negative emotions in their child by comparing them with others. As a result, children become quarrelsome and quarrelsome with others. So instead of teaching competition, teach them compassion. So they will learn to help others instead of beating them.

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Don’t overlook mistakes

Many parents seem to cover up their children’s mistakes. Many parents believe that children will make mistakes. Many parents also believe that their child will automatically correct mistakes and start behaving well. But in reality it does not happen. Children need to be made aware of their mistakes. Otherwise, children keep making the same mistakes over and over again and it becomes difficult to correct them later.

The habit of apologizing

It is necessary to teach children that violence will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Make it a habit to say sorry after every mistake they make. Teaching humility and encouraging others to help others at an early age will help your children become better citizens.

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