Rice Farming Isn’t the paddy growing? Then do ‘this’ one thing, it will be beneficial

Rice Farming Isn’t the paddy growing? Then do ‘this’ one thing, it will be beneficial
Rice Farming Isn’t the paddy growing? Then do ‘this’ one thing, it will be beneficial

Rice Farming: Paddy Farming is being done for years in India. This year too paddy crop has been sown in large scale across India. Rice or paddy crop is mainly cultivated in Konkan in our state.

But this year, the trend of Monsoon (Monsoon 2022) is not yet clear due to the variability of rains (Climate Change). Rain has increased in some places and in some places the rain has not exceeded the average.

In such a situation, forecasters have started predicting that there will be a big impact on the production of all the crops in the Kharif season along with the paddy crop. According to knowledgeable people, there is a possibility of reduction in production of oilseeds across India due to prolonged rains.

It is being told by the experts that the quality of paddy will also be affected as a result of the variability of rain and climate change. According to a report, Dwarfism in Paddy is spreading in many states including Maharashtra.

Friends, we would like to inform you that due to this disease, the growth of rice plants is stunted and rice production is not on time. Not only this, but this has a great impact on the production as well as the quality of the paddy crop (Paddy Crop Management).

What are the initial symptoms of the disease?

It is advised by experts to continuously monitor the field to detect symptoms of stunting disease in rice crop. When the rice crop gets this disease, the paddy crop starts turning yellow. It is said that this problem is often caused by weed infestation and nutrient deficiencies.

What exactly is expert advice?

Friends According to a report due to adverse change in weather conditions the growth of paddy crop has stopped in various states across India. Scientists of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research have also issued an agricultural advisory for this problem on the paddy crop. Through this agricultural advice, the scientists have told some simple solutions to the farmers through which the farmers can solve this problem faced by the rice crop.

According to the advice issued by agronomists, rice farmers should continue weeding and weeding with continuous monitoring of the rice crop. This will allow the oxygen produced in the atmosphere to reach the roots of the trees and control the weeds.

According to the advice mentioned by the agricultural scientists, the farmers should uproot the yellow paddy plants if they find yellow paddy plants in the paddy field while weeding the paddy field. These are the plants that spread the disease throughout the rice crop.

In addition, if 5 to 20 percent of yellow plants are seen in the rice crop, these infected plants should be removed. After cutting the infected plants, replace them with new plants.

Urea, DAP or Jivamrit should be sprayed on the paddy crop on time so that this disease problem does not occur in the crop.

Apply fertilizers as required in the crop i.e. do not apply too much fertilizers in the rice crop as too much fertilizers also increases the deformity in the rice crop.

Prevention of white backed plant hopper insect

Recently, the threat of white-backed plant hopper pest has also started to be felt in paddy fields. These insects and moths float near the roots of the plants in the water in the rice crop. For their prevention, scientists have issued an advice to spray 235 ml of Poxolam 10 sc per hectare of crop.

Farmers can also spray 200 g of Ocean Toucan 20 SG or 300 g of Chas 50 WG per hectare of crop if desired.

While inspecting the rice plants at this time, remember that the plants should be leaning. If not, the problem of stunted growth in rice crops may increase.

Follow the agricultural guidelines to get good yield of paddy crop and contact agronomist if any problem occurs.

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