The town, where death occurs due to breathing, the poisonous town was removed from the map on August 31

Many places in the world are famous for different reasons. Some because of its beauty, some history and some for some other reason. The place we are going to talk about today is now deserted. The authority got this entire town vacated on 31 August. People were told that the city has to be vacated by the deadline. The reason for this is that now this place is not at all safe for humans. It has been emptied forever.

Australia’s Wittenum is also known as Mining Town. But now it is being called the Chernobyl of Australia. It is being told that the air of this city had become so poisonous that it became difficult to breathe here. Even the possibility of dying on breathing here was not being ruled out. Because of this, all the residents were removed from the town and it was closed forever. Now the preparations to remove this town from the map are almost complete.

was the home of thousands of people
Under the Wittenum Closure Act, people got an ultimatum to vacate the city by August 31. People were given warnings to either leave the city themselves or they would be forced out. Many families started settling in this town from 1943 onwards. Due to being a mining area, there used to be leakage of poisonous gases in many ways. Due to this, gradually many people started losing their lives. The Wittenum mine was closed in 1966 due to loss and health problems. Mining was banned here.

thousands have died
According to the information, even after this people did not vacate the area. As a result, about two thousand people lost their lives among the people living here. That is, one in every ten living here died. According to studies, almost every worker working in the mine has died. Subsequently, in 2006, the Australian government decided that Wittenum would be stripped of the town title. This order was implemented in 2007. Now on August 31, the last person living in this town also vacated it and now it has been closed.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : September 01, 2022, 10:42 IST

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