VIP Number Auction: Today is the last chance to get VIP number for vehicles

VIP Number Auction: Indore, New Dunia Rep. The auction of VIP numbers to be organized by the Transport Department for the lovers of VIP numbers will end this evening. This time it did not get any special response. Till Thursday morning, only 15 numbers were bidding. Even on that there are no two claimants on any number. In the last week’s auction, 85 numbers were sold. In that 0001 and other major numbers were sold. It is expected that the contenders will increase by this afternoon.

According to the information, the auction has started from 12 o’clock on Sunday night, in which so far 15 numbers including 0100, 0091, 9100, 0056, 0047, 6900, 5556, and 9990 have been bid. Today is the last day of bidding, but it looks like this time fewer numbers will be sold. There are no two claimants on any number. Last time many claimants had complained that they were looking to bid, but they could not bid at the last minute due to website issue. However, this was later denied by the officials and said that the system was working fine.

The system has changed last month

After the registration system on the vehicle portal on August 1, now the system of auction of VIP numbers has also changed. Now the bidding which started on Sunday night 12, now runs till 5 pm on Thursday. At the same time, two bids on one number can be bid up to a maximum of 24 times. After this the winner is declared on Thursday itself. Earlier, the bidding of VIP numbers was conducted twice a month by the Transport Department. At the same time, the same series has been made for all types of vehicles. Now all vehicles in Indore are being given numbers under MP 09 ZB.

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