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Mysterious Village where no one can see world after birth reason will shock you informative viral news mhds

Mumbai August 31 : There are many things around us, which are like a mystery to us. Where there are things that happen, about which we have many questions, but can not find the answer. What’s more, there are many places in the world where even scientists are baffled by what is happening. (Tiltepec Village In Mexico) Information has come out about one such village, which you will not believe after knowing about it. Yes because the people born in this village have no vision, that is, they cannot see this world. But this happens not only with humans but also with animals. After knowing about this village you will also believe that even today there are many places in the world which are full of mysteries. whose questions remain unanswered. Read this: Why are these lines formed on a water bottle? If not the design, but the reason behind this is that this village is in Mexico. Tiltepec Village In Mexico is called the Village of the Blind. In this village, from humans to animals, everyone is blind. Tiltpeck Village is one of the most mysterious villages in the world. It is the only village in the world where only blind people live. This village in Mexico is also known as the village of the blind. The Zapotec tribe lives in this area and the village is famous all over the world for its peculiarity. Babies are born in this village and can see everything, but lose their sight after a few days. Read this: Ordered ice cream, but got condom at home… What is going on with food delivery company swiggy? Local people here believe that this tree is responsible for all this happening. The name of this tree is Lavajuela and it is a cursed tree, the people here lose their sight when they look at it. Animals are no exception. But scientists say that this is a superstition. According to experts, poisonous flies have been found where these villages are located. The bites of these flies make people blind. After getting information about this, the Mexican government tried to help the villagers. But the government has not succeeded. The government tried to settle this tribe elsewhere, but the environment in other places was not favorable for them. Now those people have been forcibly left in their condition.

Published by:Devika Shinde

First published: August 31, 2022, 20:17 IST

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