Asteroid | Airplane-sized asteroid will pass Earth today; NASA with warning

Asteroid | Airplane-sized asteroid will pass Earth today; NASA with warning
Asteroid | Airplane-sized asteroid will pass Earth today; NASA with warning
NASA warns that an asteroid the size of an airplane may pass the Earth today. The asteroid, which is 110 feet wide and travels at a speed of 42,768 kilometers per hour, is classified as dangerous by NASA. It is very close to our moon. This asteroid is known as 2022 QZ6. It is predicted to pass the Earth at a speed of 12,60,000 kmph. This was announced by NASA’s Center for Near Earth Object Studies.

NEOs are naked comets and asteroids that are allowed to enter Earth’s vicinity by the gravity of nearby planets, according to the US space agency NASA. These space rocks are identified as NEOs when they are less than 8 million kilometers from Earth.

Whereas hazardous asteroids (PHAs) are classified based on a unit called minimum orbit intersection distance (MOID). A MOID value of 0.05 au or less is considered PHA. Approximately 74,80,000 km is estimated at 0.05au. Any asteroid that passes below this threshold (is considered a hazardous asteroid.

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These are closely monitored by NASA. But a collision with an asteroid would lead to massive destruction. So last year, NASA launched the DART (Double Asteroid Redirection Test) program to deal with such a situation. This project has been developed with the aim of defense against near-earth objects.

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In this regard, NASA plans to send a spacecraft to an asteroid pair consisting of Dimorphus and Didymos. The spacecraft will be sent in a collision course with a double asteroid.

Meanwhile, the asteroid named 2022 QZ6 is not the only one that will pass by the Earth in the coming days. A larger asteroid is named 161989 Cacus 1978 CA. It is said to pass close to Earth on September 1. It has been found to be 99 percent larger than existing asteroids.

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