Juluru Gowri Shankar Writes on Religious Harmony in Telangana

Juluru Gowri Shankar Writes on Religious Harmony in Telangana
Juluru Gowri Shankar Writes on Religious Harmony in Telangana

We must all work together to preserve humane society while widening the gaps between people. We must embrace the truth that we can stand together. If we are separated, we will be broken. A system that has lost its collective ethos is frozen. How can we live by increasing the distance between people who cannot afford a mask in the time of Corona! How can we, as human beings, live as if we were divided, like nails hammered into a wall!

No matter how many disguised languages ​​there are, this world has the social language of the Great Bodhisattva. The ideology of hatred of man against man is very dangerous. The people of the country, which is a combination of different philosophies… if they become haters, what is left is ashes! You and I, he and she, he and she… If the lines of caste and religion are painted on the minds of all the children, the balance will be disturbed and the society will be in chaos, won’t it?

We will bear anything. We will tolerate anything. If we build walls behind our house and in front of our house, we will all become frogs in the well. Like this, whose caste is theirs, whose religion is theirs; If we continue to draw dividing lines with the names of color, shape, town and customs, we will come closer to the roots of wild society. Thousands of years of cultural human evolution, our high philosophy of united society… if we tear ourselves apart in the name of differences and hatred, what will be left in the end?

Instead of planting saplings of human love in the forest of human relations, if the saplings of hatred are planted, the country will become a hotbed of hatred. Can we divide the united community of all professions, all castes and religions? Beyond the Hussain Sagar Keys, on this side of Gandipet, on this side, before and behind Charminar. The plight of competing churches and churches cannot even be imagined! Temple, mosque and church are all the same. Let’s hide all the beliefs and faiths in whose mind they are safe in their hearts. Whose eating habits are theirs. Whose costumes are theirs. Whose beliefs are theirs. Whose languages ​​are theirs. All Gods are same. All religions equality secularism where all human beings are equal is the lifeblood of our country. Let’s save it. Let’s protect. Let us move forward with supreme tolerance as the holy flag, the collective goal and mission of all of us.

Even in a dream, no one has left anything on the nest of our humane society. Would it be tolerated if religious divisions were drawn on this ground which is glorified as ‘Ganga Jamuna Tehajib’? Development is walking proudly on the paths of unity. We all should stand as symbols of a united society. Grow with brotherhood. So that the great culture of Hyderabad, which embraces and embraces all, flourishes for another thousand years, let us all undertake the planting of great humanitarian plants in Eda Eda. Let us reverse the conspiracies of turning the confluence of different cultures into a crossroads of toxic cultures.

Telangana means alai balai culture of souls living together. The original existence of Telangana is the united culture of the sabbanda varnas. It should be remembered that the Telangana community will not abandon whoever conspires to destroy the cultural identity of Telangana.

Those who desperately wanted Telangana should fight the religious arrogance that is tearing apart the society. Telangana is lamenting the divisive religious and caste hegemony conspiracies. The heads of the groups and the groups are counting; Telangana is struggling to see the destructive forces that are competing and inciting hatred. Progressive Telangana society will decide what should be done in Telangana to preserve the culture of Sabbanda Varnas and move forward.

Don’t be lazy. Let’s see and don’t think of it as a warehouse for a while. Why me, why us, if you want to see when it comes to me, when everyone is gone, that religious ghost will not leave you as the last one. The entire area where poisonous gases spread must be affected by poisons. It should be remembered that no one is exempt. Telangana is moving forward after wiping away the tears, coming out of the hardships it faced so far and seeing the green crops in the fertile soil. This land should be saved immediately from the scheming political and religious madmen who are creating strife. Those who make Telangana a battleground should be remembered. Telangana should be protected from those who set fire to ideals! (Click: For the removal of ‘discrimination’ in education!)

‘We have enough religion to hate man. ‘There is no religion enough to love,’ said Jonathan Swift. It means that the current religion is not enough for people to live as human beings. Need to borrow some love. Love is the thread of tears that binds man to man. Love is the emotion of joy that binds man to man. Need more love now! Need more patience!! (Click: Don’t let the English light shine)

– Juluru Gaurishankar
President of Telangana Sahitya Akademi

The article is in Telugu

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