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5 crore electric vehicles to hit Indian roads by 2030

5 crore electric vehicles to hit Indian roads by 2030
5 crore electric vehicles to hit Indian roads by 2030

The electric vehicle sector is growing rapidly in the country and it has been mentioned in the KPMG India report that by 2030 there will be more than 5 crore electric vehicles on Indian roads. Currently, charging infrastructure is a challenge for the country, but given the way consumers are opting for electric vehicles, the development of the charging network will be done at a faster pace, it said.

KPMG consultant Rohan Rao said in this regard, electric vehicle charging network is growing rapidly in the world and this network will be set up rapidly in India as well. Customer segments and usage have been taken into account while setting up public and private charging networks. Battery swapping technology is likely to become more widely used. Electric vehicle sales have increased compared to last financial year. But there are currently more electric bikes in it. In 2020, 1 lakh 52 thousand two-wheelers were sold, while in 2021, 1,44,000 and now in 2022, the same number has gone up to 2,31,000.

Talking about the car segment, consumers are waiting for electric car prices to drop further. The customer is ready up to about 10 lakhs. Tata’s Nexon, which is selling by storm, is available starting at Rs. 14.50 lakh. Mahindra and Maruti are trying hard to bring low cost cars. Ola has announced the launch of a new car and claims that this car will run 500 km on a full charge.

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