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Uproar over death of pregnant Indian woman in Portugal, Health Minister resigns

Uproar over death of pregnant Indian woman in Portugal, Health Minister resigns
Uproar over death of pregnant Indian woman in Portugal, Health Minister resigns

Author: Arijita SenPublish Date: Thu, 01 Sep 2022 11:22 AM (IST)Updated Date: Thu, 01 Sep 2022 11:22 AM (IST)

Lisbon, Agency. These days the issue of the death of a pregnant Indian female tourist is in discussion in Portugal. There was so much uproar about this that Health Minister Marta Temido had to resign from her post on Tuesday.

According to the report of Portugal’s state-run TV channel RTP News, while resigning, Temido simply said that there is no point in continuing in this post. His resignation has been accepted by the Prime Minister.

Died while circling the hospitals

It is known that in Lisbon, a woman has died while going round the hospitals. The woman had gone to visit Portugal. He was first taken to a hospital for delivery, where he could not get a bed due to lack of space.

From here she was referred to another hospital, but the woman could not find any place in the maternity ward there. While taking the woman from one hospital to another, she suffered a heart attack, due to which she died.

Strong criticism of Health Minister

This news spread like wild fire and the health minister was severely criticized. Due to the closure of some of the maternity units by the Portuguese government, the woman had to go from hospital to hospital, during which she died. Marta submitted her resignation just five hours after the incident.

It is being told that the pregnant Indian woman was first taken to De Santa Maria Hospital and from there she was referred to Sao Francisco Xavier because of the Neonatal Intensive Care of the earlier hospital. Unit) had fewer people.

the hospital cleared

Here, Sao Francisco Xavier Hospital has said in its statement that as soon as the woman came here, she was immediately operated on. The weight of the child was 722 grams. Being premature, the baby was sent to the child care unit.

After this the woman was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit and she died there. The hospital has expressed its condolences to the family of the deceased.

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