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What documents are required to be submitted to get pension from EPS after the death of the employee?


Under EPS, mainly three types of pension are available after the death of the employee.
If the beneficiary of the employee is his child and he is disabled, then he will get pension for life.
Employees can take advantage of this scheme only after 10 years of service.

New Delhi. Every person eligible for EPF (Employees Provident Fund) is eligible for EPS (Employees Provident Scheme). This too is managed by EPFO ​​itself. Under this scheme, every month pension is given to the account holder after retirement, pension in case of complete disability during the job and pension is given to the family on the death of the employee (account holder). To take advantage of this scheme, the account holder should be in service for at least 10 years. This means that the account holder must have worked for 10 years, only then he will get the benefit of this scheme.

With this, pension starts getting after the age of 58 years. You can start withdrawing money from this account even at the age of 50 but it will not be the full amount. If you take pension after 60 years, then you will get an additional 4 percent amount in the fixed pension. As we told you in this scheme, after the death of the employee, the family gets pension, so what are the documents that the family will need to get the pension. Let’s know.

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these documents are required
You need a death certificate of the deceased, a copy of the Aadhar card of those who are to receive the pension amount, details of their bank accounts, an original canceled check or an attested copy of the beneficiary’s bank passbook. Apart from this, if the beneficiary is a minor, then his age certificate will also have to be given.

how much pension will you get
Widow, child and orphan pension is available under this scheme. In widow pension, pension can be received up to Rs 6,200 every month. Under this, the minimum pension is now Rs 1,000. The amount of pension depends on the amount deposited by the employee. Child pension is given till the child attains the age of 25 years. If children are disabled then they get lifelong pension. In this, 25% of the widow pension is paid and it is available to a maximum of 2 children. Orphan pension is also available till the age of 25 but here 75 percent of the widow pension is given.

How much EPS and how much goes towards EPF contribution?
Today, 3.67 percent of basic salary and DA by the employer goes to EPF while 8.33 percent of basic and DA by the employee is sent to EPS. In this way, 12 percent of the employee’s salary and DA is deposited with the EPFO ​​on behalf of the employee and the employer.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : September 01, 2022, 07:20 IST

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