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Aurangabad News : As the controversy between BJP MLA Prashant Bamba and the teacher seems to be going nowhere, MLA Bamba has created a sensation by dropping yet another bombshell. Bumb has demanded that the election of teachers and graduates constituencies in the state be closed and dismissed. His new statement has created a big stir in the politics of the state. MLA Bumb has also said that these two constituencies are no longer needed and other MLAs can also raise the issue of teachers. He made this statement while speaking in an exclusive interview with ABP Mazha.

Speaking to ABP Mazha, MLA Bumb said that earlier only 3 per cent of educated people were in the legislature, hence the constituencies of teachers and graduates were created. Now all MLAs are educated. Therefore, the teacher and graduate constituencies should now be closed. They are no longer needed. Interestingly, this constituency should have been closed 20 years ago. Most MLAs of teachers and graduates falsely support teachers. Bumb said that the remaining question is about the problems of the teachers, but since all the MLAs are now educated, they will also raise the questions of the teachers in the legislature.

Generations are wasted…

Speaking further at this time, Bumb said that because of him, our generations have started getting ruined. Because not every parent can come to school and fight. This time these people use their pressure on the government and do not allow any action against the teachers. Teachers run an illegal organization and these MLAs support it. These MLAs are present in this illegal organization of theirs. Therefore, this marketization of education is starting, said Bumb.

353 crime against the villagers after asking questions

Pressure tactics are used by most of the teachers in the villages and they have the support of the MLAs of the teachers’ constituencies or graduate unions, so they have gone this far. If someone raises a little noise, 353 will be imposed on them, crimes are registered against them in different ways, criminal damage is registered. That is, Kunal is not allowed to speak. All this is happening because of teachers and graduate MLAs. So now we all have to stop it, said Bumb.

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Teacher MLA’s criticism of Bamba…

Teacher MLA Vikram Kale has opposed the stance taken by MLA Bumb against teachers. Therefore, there is an argument of MLA against MLA. Reacting to Bumb’s stance, MLA Kale said that there is no truth in the allegation that Zilla Parishad teachers are collecting house rent allowance by preparing bogus documents. So there is relaxation in the rule for teachers to stay at headquarters. It is a rule that teachers should come on time and do their work properly. Also, do the MLAs of the taluka live at the taluka headquarters? MLA Kale has criticized that this should also be considered.

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