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Brutal murder of youth for just Rs 50, three arrested including minor

Brutal murder of youth for just Rs 50, three arrested including minor
Brutal murder of youth for just Rs 50, three arrested including minor

Murder was exposed after the accused was identified by the sister of the deceased

A youth was stabbed to death for Rs 50 in Isanpur. Police arrested 3 accused including a minor in this incident has done. It is learned that the murder was done in the rivalry of the transaction of Rs. Then the question arises in the mind that who are these accused who have paid Rs. A crime like murder has been committed.

According to the information of the incident, the accused arrested by the police are Shubham Rajput and Shivam Batham. who killed a young man for 50 rupees is of. If the incident is known, 30-year-old Nilesh Batham was living with his family in Isanpur area and was trying to maintain the family. Used to drive auto rickshaw for Nilesh was beaten up by unknown people and escaped after stabbing him. After this, the injured Nilesh was taken for treatment. Was taken to the hospital. Where Nileshbhai died during treatment. After registering the crime of murder, the police came on the bike after checking the CCTV After identifying the accused as the sister of the deceased, the police arrested 3 people, including a minor, while solving the mystery of the murder.

The arrested accused Shubham and Shivam do the business of vegetable lorry. The deceased Nilesh had gone to collect Rs 50 from the accused. But the accused was not giving the money. That’s why Nilesh used to go every day to ask for a loan. Due to enmity, the accused conspired to murder and along with his brother Nilesh was stabbed. Killed. Since the accused and the deceased were relatives in the family, the sister of the deceased recognized them. The accused fled to Uttar Pradesh with the goods They were trying, but the police caught them.

In the case of killing a youth for fifty rupees, the police have arrested the accused and confiscated the weapon used in the murder. it’s just murder 50 or some other reason, further investigation has been started.

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