When he started climbing on the stage, such cruelty – kept dragging on the road, his head cracked. When he started climbing on the stage, he was dragged on the road, his head cracked.

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In the middle of the fair, a middle-aged man was taken off the stage and dragged on the middle road by the ASI. The mistake was so much that he was going to climb the stage. But, a policeman present there gave such ruthlessness that the middle-aged’s head exploded. Here, the police claim that he was under the influence of alcohol. The incident took place in Bharatpur’s Kaman on Wednesday night. Every year Bhojan Thali Mela is organized by Kaman Municipality. Ragini program was going on on Wednesday evening. During this time, Anil Kaushish (48) year old started trying to climb the stage. On this, ASI Jagram of Kaman police station present there grabbed the middle-aged collar and dragged it down. Not only this, even after taking him off the stage, he kept on dragging the middle-aged by holding the collar. During this his head also exploded and blood started flowing. After this he was taken to Kaman’s hospital.

ASI Jagram of Kaman police station. Who is dragging the middle-aged on the road. Even after this, the police officials say that investigation will be done after receiving the complaint.

Fair will run till September 3, 100 policemen deployed
Bhojan Thali Mela started from 29th August and will continue till 3rd September. A large number of people are coming to see the fair. ASP Raghuveer Singh Kaviya says that after the video surfaced, information was taken from Kaman police station officer Daulat Sahu. It came to the fore – a person was trying to climb the stage under the influence of alcohol. Who was stopped to maintain law and order, but he did not obey. After that he is brought down by the police. More than 100 policemen were deployed in the fair. The ASP said that till now no complaint has been received against the policeman seen in the video. After receiving the complaint, the matter will be investigated.

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