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Jalgaon News Electric Wire Fell On Bullock Cart Bull And Farmer Died Due To Electric Shock

Jalgaon News : on a moving bullock cart (Bullock Cart) A farmer with a bull died in an accident caused by a falling electric wireFarmer) died on the spot. Jalgaon (Jalgaon) The unfortunate incident that took place in the village of Chikhali in the Yaval taluka of the district has created a stir. This incident took place today (September 1) at around eight in the morning. Due to this incident, anger is being expressed on the administration of Mahavitran.

Fury over the administration of Mahavitran
Chikhli in Yaval taluka, while a bullock cart was passing on the road, suddenly the electric wire fell on the bullock cart. This time, the farmer who was driving the bullock cart got electrocuted and the bullock died on the spot. The name of the farmer who died in this unfortunate incident is Yashwant Kama Mahajan (age 65 years, resident Chikhali Budruk). Due to this incident, there has been a lot of excitement in the district and the villagers are expressing their anger on the management of the Mahavitaran Company. Seeing the sight of the dead bull and the farmer’s body on it, many people had tears in their eyes.

Unfortunate death while going to the farm
Yashwant Kama Mahajan lives with his family at Chikhli Budruk. They earned their livelihood by doing agricultural labour. On Thursday morning around eight o’clock, he was going to the field with a bullock cart as usual. In the meantime, after going some distance from the village, the electric wire that passed from the road suddenly fell on the bullock cart. In this incident, Yashwant Mahajan died due to a strong electric shock, while in this incident, one of the oxen of the bullock cart was also burnt on the spot. After getting information about the incident, the villagers along with Police Patil Bhagwat Patil rushed to the spot.

Villagers demand government help for deceased farmer
There was heavy rain in the village last night (August 31). Due to this heavy rain, the already loose power lines of the Mahavitaran Company may have broken and it is possible that this major incident took place due to it. Police Patil Bhagwat Patil informed the police about the incident. Meanwhile, deceased Yashwant Mahajan is survived by wife Anusayabai, son Vikas. Meanwhile, the villagers say that if the Mahavitran had paid attention in time and fixed the electricity wires, this incident would not have happened today. Meanwhile, the villagers are also demanding that the deceased Yashwant Mahajan get government help. Due to this incident, a lot of excitement is being expressed in the village.

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