Toll tax on Yamuna Expressway becomes costlier by Rs 170 from today, know new rates

Noida. From today new rates of toll tax have come into effect on Yamuna Expressway. From 12 o’clock onwards, new rates were being charged. Jaypee Infratech has increased the rate of toll tax by up to Rs 170. For the last 3 years, the company did not increase the toll tax. The rates were last increased in the year 2018. Recently, in the board meeting of Yamuna Authority, the new rate has been stamped. The rates of all the three tolls built on the 165 km long Yamuna Expressway from Greater Noida to Agra have been increased. Three types of vehicles have been given exemption in the new rate.

That’s why there was a need to increase the toll tax on Yamuna Expressway.

According to Dr. Arunveer Singh, CEO, Yamuna Authority, the Yamuna Expressway management has worked out safety measures. More than Rs 130 crore has been spent on this. The Yamuna Authority has increased the toll rates only after all the work regarding safety standards is done. In the 74th board meeting of Yamuna Authority on Wednesday, it was approved to increase the toll rate. Significantly, according to the guidelines of the court, 22 works were to be done on the expressway for safety, due to non-completion of these works, Yamuna Authority was not increasing the toll rate.

Toll tax not increased for two-three wheeler and tractor

Now car drivers will have to pay Rs 437 instead of Rs 415 for a one-way journey of 165 km from Greater Noida to Agra. At the same time, light goods vehicle will have to pay Rs 684 instead of 635, ‘six axle’ vehicle will have to pay Rs 1394 instead of 1295, very heavy vehicle will have to pay Rs 2729 instead of 2250. Not only this, two-three wheeler and tractor have been kept free from the new rate of toll tax.

From today on Yamuna Expressway will have to pay more from Rs 16.50 to Rs 170

Car drivers traveling from Greater Noida to Agra on Yamuna Expressway will now have to pay an additional Rs 16.50. Bus-truck will have to pay Rs 90.75 and big commercial vehicles will have to pay Rs 170 as increased toll. Officials say that the increased toll rates will be implemented from September 1.

Vehicle Old Rates New Rates

car 415 431

LCV 645 690

Bus/Truck 1310 1480.

Notifications dated 19 February 2010 and 17 January 2015 have been made the basis

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Yamuna Development Authority, Dr. Arunveer Singh said, “The company has done many major works for road safety on the expressway. Toll rates on the expressway have been increased in the financial year 2022-23. The company had written a letter on 28 February 2022 to increase the toll. In this letter, the notification of 19 February 2010 and 17 January 2015 of the Government of Uttar Pradesh has been made the basis.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : September 01, 2022, 08:41 IST

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