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Indian companies have halved their investments abroad, RBI told how much money did the companies invest in the foreign market?


India Inc’s foreign investment declined to $1.11 billion in July 2022.
Indian companies have put in $5791 million through equity in the total investment.
Ravindra Energy invested $33 million in its unit in UAE.

New Delhi. According to RBI data, FDI in Indian industry declined by more than 50 per cent to $1.11 billion in July 2022. According to RBI data, on foreign direct investment (OFDI), domestic companies had invested over $2.56 billion in equities, loans and guarantees in July 2021.

If we look at the total investments made by Indian companies this year, then $5791 million has been invested through equity, while $193.2 million has been disbursed as loans. In addition, $337.4 million has been given as a guarantee to its Orsies venture. All these investment figures are for the month of July.

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These are the major investors
Major investors include Reliance Industries for USD 160 million in its wholly owned energy subsidiary in Singapore, Reliance Industrial Investments & Holdings in the UK retail business for USD 40.74 million and Ravindra Energy in its wholly owned subsidiary in the United Arab Emirates. Invested $33 million in the owned entity. At the same time, Hashem Traders invested $ 32.71 million in a joint venture in the US, which is associated with a financial service.

Let us tell you that last week, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) revised the rules for foreign direct investment. The new rules outline the points that will allow Indian startups to expand overseas, help them build businesses in partnership with foreign startups, and allow investors to expand their portfolios.

At the same time, in February this year, the foreign direct investment of Indian industry declined by 67 percent to $ 753.61 million. There is a direct indication of reducing investment of Indian companies in the foreign market, that there is a slowdown in the global economy and companies are not seeing much hope from these markets.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : September 01, 2022, 13:15 IST

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