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These foods make you old before age, wrinkles start appearing on the face

Do you know that some foods can also make your skin look old? Know what those foods are.

One question which is in everyone’s mind but most of the people do not accept it is.. ‘How can aging be stopped after all?’. Of course, aging is natural, but still, various experiments are being done all over the world regarding anti-aging. If seen, people always mention their beauty routine while talking about anti-aging, but do you know how much effect diet and lifestyle have on our skin and age?

Diet can slow down or accelerate our aging process. Expert dietician Anjali Mukherjee, who trains Miss India contestants, has shared information about which foods increase our age on her Instagram account. Anjali has been working in this field for almost 20 years and she is also a diet tips expert.

Anjali has talked about an important thing that works the most to increase our age.

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Sweet actually increases your age

Anjali Mukherjee says that the one that harms our skin the most is sweet food. If we talk about desserts, it contains sugar, refined flour, fat etc. which is not good for our skin and body. This triggers a process in the body that affects glycation end products (AGEs) (proteins or lipids that begin to react when they are mixed with sugars). Due to AGEs, the aging process is greatly increased.

Talking about age-related diseases, sweet has a lot of effect here too. This is the reason that people who always have a habit of eating sweets start looking old early and first of all this aging process starts from their face and under the eyes.

Other Foods That Show Older Age

It was a matter of sweets, but do you know that apart from this, what other foods are there, which make the age look old.

Spicy food:

If someone eats excessively spicy food, then the aging process of his body can also be accelerated. Actually the reason for this is that spicy food increases the heat of the body and the body takes more energy to cool itself down.

This sweat mixes with skin bacteria and creates skin problems.

spices and ageing

Soda and Energy Drinks:

Soda and energy drinks are also such that increase your age. These carbonated drinks contain a lot of sugar and cause the same reaction as eating sweets.

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Frozen and Fast Foods:

Foods that contain too much sodium or too much salt are also not good for our body. The salt in such foods causes water retention from the body and this makes the face look puffy and a lot of swelling appears.

Now you have come to know that what kind of foods work to increase your age. In such a situation, it would be right for you if these foods are avoided. Before making any major changes in your diet, you must consult a doctor once. If you liked this story, then do share it. Stay connected with Harzindagi to read more such stories.

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