The habit of being silent also kills…! These 10 lions related to silence will tell your position

Shayari on silence: If something happens in life, which cannot be accepted, people often become sad and silent. Neither they are able to explain their feelings to anyone nor can they get themselves out of this situation. Sher-Shayari related to silence can easily express your feelings. In such a situation, it is important for people to know about the poetry related to silence. Today’s article is on this topic. Today, through this article, we will tell you which poems you can do on silence. Read on…Also Read – Good Night Shayari: Now say good night to your loved ones differently, these 10 shayari will fascinate your mind

poetry on silence

  1. No matter how wild-ness in silence
    But the sound is familiar
    Bharat Bhushan Pant
  2. I just keep talking
    how happy i am inside
    John Elia
  3. Silence to be performed ritual-e-distance
    Why should we create a ruckus
    John Elia
  4. Silence makes trouble worse
    Tadap oh heart makes a little sense from the agony
    Shad Azimabadi
  5. keep silent away
    This is how my heart says
    Aabru Shah Mubarak
  6. Shut up then asks
    lo silence is also a complaint
    Akhtar Ansari Akbarabadi
  7. Silence was my favorite, O Arzoo Kitni
    that whoever made such an evil as he wished
    Arzoo Lucknowi
  8. The world rests on me in my silence
    What is it to know that even after being silent, disputes are done
    Seemab Akbarabadi
  9. can’t walk hard
    take pleasure in
    Aziz Hyderabadi
  10. If the sound is broken then the sound has become
    The one who smiled in my chest everyday
    salim salim

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The article is in Hindi

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