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Child Murder After Kidnapping In Kanpur Up

Child Murder After Kidnapping In Kanpur Up
Child Murder After Kidnapping In Kanpur Up
Ten-year-old Rahman of Maikupurwa village of Cantt in Kanpur was kidnapped and killed by the youths of the village on Monday night for ransom by drowning him in the river Ganga at Bargadia Ghat. The dead body was also thrown in the river. When Rahman was taken to Bargadia Ghat, he had some doubts.

He was repeatedly telling Amit and Tej Kumar to leave the house but both of them had a different conspiracy. When he started taking her towards the river, he started screaming. Started to get rid of himself, but the mind of the accused did not sweat. drowned him. Scratches have been found on Tej Kumar’s hands. Which Rahman had nailed. He himself has admitted all these things. During the interrogation of the police, the accused told that they had already decided that Rehman was to be killed.

It was because he knew everyone. They would kill him after taking the ransom. Since he started crying, he killed him already. The accused told that again and again Rahman kept telling them as brother, that I should not do anything.

drug addicts accused

The arrested accused are drug addicts. All four drink alcohol. Some even smoke ganja. He committed the crime like a psycho killer. Drunkenness is also a big reason behind this.

That’s why Rahman was targeted

The financial condition of Rahman’s parents is not good. He is a loader driver. They also do the work of palladari. That is why the question in everyone’s mind was that why his own son was kidnapped to collect the ransom. The answer to this question was given by the accused. He told that Rahman’s uncle is Chand. Who has a biscuit factory. He was sure that when asked for ransom, the moon would give money for the nephew. That’s why Rahman was targeted.

Mother said… what was the fault of my innocent

My Rahman was very straightforward. I had no enmity with anyone. He used to play in the village itself. Today four people took his life there. After all, what was the fault of my innocent child? Saying these things, Rahman’s mother Shabnam roared and wept. On Tuesday night, the police first called Rahman’s uncle Yameen to the police station. The accused were interrogated in front of him. The accused had confessed to the crime in front of them but they could not muster the courage to tell this to Rehman’s parents. Rehman’s parents remained unknown till Wednesday afternoon. In the end, the police told him the whole incident, after which the whole village was mourned.

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