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Chief Minister Shinde will go to MNS President Raj Thackeray’s house today mhss

Mumbai, August 01 : After the formation of Shinde and BJP government, the weight of MNS has increased. The visit of BJP leaders to Raj Thackery’s residence has increased. It has come to light that the Chief Minister of the state Eknath Shinde will go to Shivtirtha today. Hence the political logic is contested. Ganaraya has been installed at MNS president Raj Thackeray’s residence. Therefore, he is visiting the residence of businessman and political leader Raj Thackeray. Today, the Chief Minister of the state, Eknath Shinde, will go to Shivtirtha, the residence of Raj Thackeray, to have darshan of Lord Ganesha. It will arrive around 4 pm. This will be the first meeting between Eknath Shinde and Raj Thackeray after the formation of the government. Chief Minister Shinde is going to Raj Thackeray’s residence for the first time. Before that, BJP leaders continue to visit Shivtirtha. After meeting BJP leader Vinod Tawde just two days ago, state president Chandrashekhar reached Bawankule. A discussion was held between the two leaders. However, the details of the discussion could not be revealed. After meeting Raj Thackeray, Bawankule interacted with reporters. (Agriculture Minister Sattar slept at a farmer’s house, and the farmer ended his life 6 to 7 km away!) ‘Raj Thackeray comes to all my family functions. So I have come to meet him after becoming President. Raj Thackeray has presented the idea of ​​Hindutva from the beginning. He is a defender of Hindutva. I believe so, said Bawankule. (Congress President from Maharashtra? Big revelation of Nana Patole during the discussion, directly mentioned the name) ‘Our seniors take the decision about which party to form an alliance with. Amit Shah, JP Nadda, Devendra Fadnavis take decisions on this. I am meeting everyone after becoming the President. We met today. Bawankule also said that this was not a political visit, so no political meaning should be drawn.

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First published: September 01, 2022, 13:55 IST

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