‘King of Rohya’ who preserves social harmony for centuries

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‘King of Rohya’ who preserves social harmony for centuries


Published on : 1 September 2022, 11:53 am




Altaf Chordekar: Morning news service
Roha, 1: One Village One Ganeshotsav tradition as meant by Lokmanya Tilak, the century-long journey of the King of Rohya, who has been following the tradition for the last hundred years, is continuing successfully. This Ganeshotsav is celebrated every year in a very festive atmosphere at Bhate Public Library, which is a literary pandhari in the city. At this time, as people of various castes, parties, creeds come together as Rohekars, the power of unity is automatically felt in the atmosphere.
Attractive decorations, captivating movies, ten day and night entertainment programs are organized by the board. In addition to entertainment, it is thought that there should be ideological enlightenment as well as giving scope to the latent talents of local artists. During the arrival and immersion of Shri, flowers are showered without gulal, efforts are made to celebrate Ganeshotsav as environmentally friendly as possible and traditional instruments are given priority.
The President of Public Ganeshotsav Trust Chandrakant Parte and his colleagues have planned the festival very neatly this year and have made a sincere effort to continue the glorious tradition. Rohya’s Public Ganeshotsav Trust organizes Konkan Divisional Inter-college Oratorical Competitions in the month of January on the occasion of birth anniversary of Dr. Chintamanrao Deshmukh, son of Rohya, former Finance Minister of the country for 25 years.
This oratorical competition is known as Honorary Oratorical Competition of Mumbai University.
BC Kr. Joshi alias Dada Joshi Master started public Ganeshotsav in Rohya in 1902. A philanthropist like Abasaheb Mehendale gave strong support to that effort by donating his own temple of Shri Durga Devi and table chairs and lamps as well as lamps. In the first year it was a five-day festival, but later a full ten-day public Ganeshotsav was celebrated with great pomp. Later, as the ideas of Swadeshi and independence started spreading through this festival, many restrictions were imposed on Ganeshotsav by the British. Due to that and other reasons, it was closed in 1912. Later in 1921, the Vs. Gangal resumed the stalled festival. This tradition continues even today.

Dr. CD Deshmukh’s participation in the festival
At that time various fairs were performed during Ganeshotsav. It is said that Dr. Chintamanrao Deshmukh, son of Rohya and India’s first finance minister, used to present papers in those fairs in his childhood. Dr. CD Deshmukh along with his colleague Balu Joshi used to chant padams in a sweet voice and in a rhythmic manner. At that time those posts were popular throughout Rohiya.

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