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We investigated a piece of information being shared on social media titled “Facts about Ketan Desai”.

Details of information:

A reader sent this to our WhatsApp chatbot number +91 9049053770 and asked if it is true. When we searched for information about this, we found that it was very viral on Facebook and many people were sharing it.

Facebook Claim Link I Archived Link

Let us know the truth:
First, we searched for details from last year 2014 whether the name of Ketan Desai was mentioned as the president of Gujarat Medical Council. However, his name was not included. The full list can be found at the link below. name list

Meanwhile, Desai is a member of the Gujarat Medical Council. His name appears in the following list. council members list
According to this, it is revealed that Desai has not held the post of chairman of Gujarat Medical Council since 2014 after Modi came to the post of Prime Minister and is only a member of the council.

Subsequently, he was appointed as the President of the Medical Council of India in 2001, but was immediately sacked due to allegations of corruption. After that, he served as the President of the Indian Medical Association from 2001 – 2003. Later, in 2009, he was appointed as the President of the Medical Council of India. Then, the CBI raided his house. 1.5 kg of gold, 80 kg of silver and 35 lakh rupees in cash were seized at that time. He was jailed in 2010. Even after that, he was appointed President of the World Medical Association (WMA) in 2016, according to his Wikipedia biography.

Ketan Desai Wikipedia profile

He is one of the people who have been recommending the conduct of NEET since 2009. There is no doubt about it. For this, he himself mentioned in a media interview that he lobbied as much as possible.

Ketan Desai Interview – TOI Link

Similarly, the media has also pointed to his repeated inclusion in the MCI board of directors despite various controversies.

TOI Article Link

Based on the evidence available to us so far,

1) Ketan Desai is a long time member of Gujarat Medical Council. However, it is learned that after Modi became Prime Minister in 2014, he was not appointed to the post of Gujarat Medical Council President.

2) Subsequently, in 2010, CBI raided his house. Of that, only one and a half kilos of gold, a substantial amount of silver and Rs 35 lakhs in cash were seized. But the shared information that 1300 kg of gold and 850 crores of money was found is wrong.

3) Desai has made a habit of appearing repeatedly in the Medical Council of India over hurdles. He himself has stated it many times in the media. It is also clear that he has exerted as much influence as possible in central government circles in bringing the NEET exam.

Based on these, it is confirmed without doubt that the above information is half true and half false.

This factcheck is not published to support Ketan Desai. We also want to make it clear that we have published this article with the intention of pointing out that a leading newspaper has published the news, just like vomiting a forwarded message on WhatsApp without checking it in an emergency.


Fact Crescent Tamil has proven that the above information is not reliable based on relevant sources. If our readers find such wrong message, photo and video, send it to our WhatsApp number (+91 9049053770). We are investigating the matter and publishing the facts.

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Title:Controversy over a WhatsApp rumor shared in Urasa Kathi mentioning Ketan Desai’s name…

Fact Check By: Fact Crescendo Team

Result: Misleading

The article is in Tamil

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