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Where is Lakshmi Visa Ganapathi Temple, devotees queue to get visa; Read the unique story of Lakshmi visa Ganapathi temple – chennai lakshmi visa ganapathi temple devotees who want to go abroad come here

Chennai: The whole country is celebrating Ganeshotsav with great enthusiasm. Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu, has a temple of Lord Ganesha where people who want to go abroad come to pray for visa visas. This is why this temple is named as Lakshmi Visa Ganapati Temple. There is a huge crowd in this temple on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi. Devotees are coming from Ganapati to get his wishes fulfilled.

Lakshmi Visa Ganapathi Temple is located in Vrindavan Nagar, Pazwanthangal, Chennai. In the plate of the priests of this temple, flowers, coconuts and visa documents are also present. According to local people, praying to Ganesha here will clear your visa related problems and soon you can visit the country of your choice.

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There was no such incident or intention during the construction of this Ganesha temple. This temple was built by R Jagannathan in 1987 at his residence. According to some, in 2009, some locals placed their visa documents in front of God and prayed before going on a foreign trip. After that, his visa was prepared immediately. After this incident, Jagannathan decided that the temple should be named Lakshmi Visa Ganapati.

Jagannathan died in the second wave of Corona. Since then son J Mohan Babu and his wife Sangeeta maintain the temple. During the Corona period, the number of visitors to the temple had decreased. Devotees were not coming due to lockdown. But since last few months, people are coming again for darshan, said Mohan.

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Many devotees visit this temple in Chennai. But the number of devotees who want to get visa early for USA and Canada is more. These devotees include IT staff, students and families. All of them have only one wish to get the visa as soon as possible.


It often happens that people coming to Chennai for visa interview first visit the temple and then go to the embassy. This increases the chances of getting a visa. Those who get visas come back to the temple. Some are so happy that they even perform pooja at the temple after getting the visa.


The article is in Marathi

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