lord ganesha ganpati bappa morya Bal Ganesh Lord Shiva thinking | Mere Ganpati: When Lord Shiva could not stand in front of Lord Ganesha from Gods to Vishnu, then Shiva got into thinking.

Ganpati Bappa Morya: Shiva’s ganas, including Indra’s army, could not stand in front of the child Ganesha for a long time and ran away wherever he found a way to escape. Even after running away from everyone, Swami Kartikeya stood in the battlefield and kept fighting patiently with Ganesha. When Ganesha cut off all his weapons one by one, considering it pointless to fight without a weapon, he also decided to leave the battlefield and withdrew from there. In this way, all the warriors were suffering from inferiority complex after being defeated by a child on the battlefield and in such a situation, they again reached the shelter of Lord Shiva and told the whole past. He said that O Lord, we have seen and participated in many wars, but never before have seen such a wonderful war that a small child chews all the gram. There is no limit to his might. That child is great and mighty. Now you can do any remedy.

Shiva himself went to war in anger.

Lord Shankar was also surprised to hear such a heartfelt cry of the deities and his ganas, and he got more angry. His eyes turned red and his eyebrows raised and his arms twitched. When they immediately walked towards that child, all the gods and their clans also started following. When the gods saw Shiva ready for war, he bowed himself at the feet of Shiva and jumped again for the war, but what, while fighting, Vishnu went in front of Ganesha. When the war started, distraught by the attack of Ganapati’s stick, he withdrew from the battlefield. Here Shiva saw that Vishnu had to face defeat and Indra had already given up his courage, so he got into deep thinking how to deal with this little boy. How to conquer this.

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