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Lakhnadaun-Jabalpur NH-34 : Risk of accidents due to stone falling on the road of Banjari Ghat

Jabalpur, New Dunia Rep. In Lakhnadaun-Jabalpur National Highway No. 34 (Old NH-VII) in front of Bargi, stones are falling from the mountain on the Banjari valley and are coming on the road. At any time, small and big stones come from above and reach the road. Many times these stones have fallen on the top and front of the vehicle as well. During rains, stones fall in large numbers. No concrete arrangements have been made on the ghat to prevent stones from coming on the road, even if this area is prone to accidents, due to which the speed of vehicles is less, due to which serious accidents do not happen due to falling stones. Huh.

Here, the National Highway Authority of India claims that the stones are continuously removed from the road by putting teams. Next to Bargi is the Banjari Valley, close to Mangela. The main road has been cut through this valley. Stones break and fall from the high hills of Murom during the rains. Those who come in the road very fast from top to bottom, many times stones fall on top or right in front of the vehicles. Due to the winding of this valley, the speed of vehicles is also around 20 to 30 kilometers here, due to which serious accidents do not happen due to falling stones. However, several vehicles were damaged due to falling stones.

Falling of stones can be stopped by putting a trap-

The National Highway Authority can prevent the incident of stone falling by installing iron nets along the side of the ghat to make this route safe. There is no such security arrangement on the hill. Here, Projector Director of the authority Sumesh Banjal said that the stones fall on the side of the road, a team has been continuously deployed to lift them. He said that vehicles should be driven at a slow speed on the ghat, so that there is no chance of accident.

Posted By: Mukesh Vishwakarma

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