The expatriate Malayali who was under treatment died

First Published Sep 1, 2022, 6:29 PM IST

Manama: A Malayali who was undergoing treatment in Bahrain died after suffering a stroke. Harikumar (52) died at Vadakkevila house in Vallakudi, Kollam. He was a hotel employee. He has been a non-resident for almost 25 years. He has also worked in Qatar. A few days ago, he was admitted to the Salmaniya Medical Complex due to a stroke. Wife: Sreeja Has two children.

Expatriate Malayali couple found dead at residence

The Malayali nurse died hours apart in the Gulf and her father-in-law in the country

Riyadh: A Malayali nurse died hours apart in Saudi Arabia and her father-in-law. Lini Varghese (43), a native of Ayur Vayakal, Kollam, died in Dhahran Junub, Azir province. She was a staff nurse at the general hospital. He has been an expatriate in Saudi Arabia for almost 20 years.

After the relatives tried to contact the father-in-law from the country to inform them about his death, they called their colleagues and asked them to investigate. Lin was unconscious when they reached the room and was immediately taken to the hospital where she died. Husband is Reggie Chacko. Has two children. The steps to bring the dead body home are progressing under the leadership of social worker Ashraf Kutchilan.

entangled in legal problems and unable to go home for five years; Finally back home with half exhausted life

Accident in construction company; Expatriate youth died

Riyadh: A native of Uttar Pradesh died in an accident at Al Haqami Block Construction Company in Al Ahad, Jizan. The deceased was Deepak Kumar Yadav (28), son of Lucknow Ram Sevak Yadav and Manjula Devi. Deepak Kumar Yadav arrived in Saudi Arabia last January. He is single. Siblings: Santhosh Kumar Yadav and Soni Yadav. After completing the legal procedures, the dead body will be sent home from Jeddah via Lucknow-Saudi Airlines flight.

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