An impartial survey should be conducted: Kerala Catholics

An impartial survey should be conducted: Kerala Catholics
An impartial survey should be conducted: Kerala Catholics

Around 500 families have lost their homes and land due to Kerala’s port project and have been drowned in the sea since port construction began: Mission. Thomas

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“We are not going to give up our struggle because the government has not accepted our main demand,” said a devotee from the Indian state of Kerala.

As Thiruvananthapuram Catholic Christians are protesting against the multi-million dollar port project in the state, Pannis is one of the coordinators of the protest. Michael Thomas said that our main demand is that the construction of the port should be stopped immediately and an impartial study should be conducted to assess its geographical and social impact.

The work pointed out that the chief minister of the state has said that a study will be carried out on this project. Thomas expressed concern that around 500 families have lost their houses and lands due to the project and have been submerged in the sea since the construction of the port began.

Pannis said that we are not asking to abandon this project, but we are asking the government to consider the interests of the fishermen. Thomas also said that if our fears are found to be wrong in an impartial investigation involving the fishermen’s representatives, we are ready to stop the agitation.

While the Adani Group has filed a case seeking the court’s intervention in this matter, “We will also participate as a petitioner and explain our position to the court,” Panish Thomas reiterated that the protests against the project are being conducted in a peaceful manner. (UCAN)

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