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Chandrababu’s key comments on the campaign that TDP is going to join NDA


First Published Sep 1, 2022, 5:01 PM IST

It is known that whether the Telugu Desam Party will rejoin the NDA has now become a hot topic of discussion in the politics of the Telugu states. The debate became more widespread after a recent article on Republic Channel. But Chandrababu Naidu who held a chit chat with the media today responded on this issue. He said that those who are propagandizing like that should be answered. He said that he will not comment on the issue of joining NDA. He said that he came out of NDA only for the interests of AP.

He criticized that CM Jagan will cause more damage to the state than the damage done to AP due to the division of the state. He said that the party lost twice because it focused on governance while in power. He said that he personally suffered a lot in his quest to bring good name to AP. He said that it was the TDP that initiated the welfare schemes. He said that despite the fear of the people due to the division of the state, welfare schemes have been implemented better than Telangana.

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He said that central politics will be seen from the point of view of AP interests. He said that whatever is done is for the benefit of the state. Chandrababu said that even YCP leaders are not sleeping well now. He said that when the systems were destroyed, there was a situation where no one could do anything. He said that if TDP comes to power, they will provide double welfare.

Recently, in a Republic TV article, it was said that a new alliance will be formed in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states soon, and there are chances of TDP returning to NDA. According to reliable sources, the channel said, “BJP and TDP, which are the main party in NDA, are negotiating for the alliance of Telugu states. Prime Minister Narendra Modi met former Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Chandrababu Naidu recently. According to reliable sources, BJP is planning an alliance with TDP as TDP has a good vote bank in both the states. Recently, Chandrababu, who hoisted the tricolor flag on the day of Independence, addressed the crowd and showered praise on Modi.

However, BJP leaders from AP and Telangana are denying the campaign that TDP will come back to NDA. It is said that such a thing will not happen. BJP MP Laxman said that BJP will contest alone in Telangana. He said BJP has alliance with Janase in AP.

Last Updated Sep 1, 2022, 5:49 PM IST

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