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Ganapati Festival: The spiritual form of Lord Ganesha…

Ganapati Festival: The spiritual form of Lord Ganesha…
Ganapati Festival: The spiritual form of Lord Ganesha…

– Vivekashastra Godbole

Some people kiss everything about others. Instead of using logic with the intention of gaining critical understanding and benefiting from it, they continue to gnaw at it by using it inappropriately. He understands that conscience; But Bappa says that he is not of good conscience but of bad conscience.

All of us are eagerly waiting for this Ganeshotsav. This includes all people, young and old. By the way, all of us Indians are celebratory; But this Ganpati festival has a special attraction. Ganapati is the god of happiness. Happiness has no opposite meaning. (ganpati festival meaning of ganesha murti trunk why mouse is vahana of ganesha)

This god is the god of earth principle. As the virtues of the earth are described in the scriptures, she loves all; In fact lovemaking itself is from the earth. One name of the earth is forgiveness. One name remains. It gives back a hundred times what you sow. If we start telling the many qualities of the earth, it will expand a lot. Meaning Shri Ganesha is the God who increases all the virtues of everyone on earth.

This Ganesh Utsav is also known as Parthiv Ganesha Utsav. Because in this festival clay Ganapati (Ganapati) is brought home and his puja is done with archa bhajan pujan and everything. Everyone does his Aarti (Ganesh Aarti) with great love. Ganapati, Ganesh Gunesh, Gamukh, all names belong to Ganapati Bappa, is the hero of the group. Ganesha, who unites groups in the external world and takes great action from those groups, also plays a very important role in the inner journey of our body. He is the Ganadhish who makes the five senses, five actions, five tanmatras, five cells, mind, intellect, ego etc. work smoothly.

Ganapati hasti face. Let us think a little about this Hasti Mukha. Everyone is curious about the elephant living in the forest. Even in the zoological museum, you don’t realize how much time you spent with the elephant. Indeed an elephant has many characteristics. Elephants live in herds. All decisions of an elephant herd are made by the eldest elephant in that herd. An elephant can sense a smell at a distance of 25 kilometers. The elephant is constantly moving its ears. Of course, he is always alert, careful.

The elephant is huge in strength and is a herbivore. Elephants love baths. The memory or IQ of an elephant is very large. An elephant’s fine eyes detect water at great distances and migrate accordingly. All these qualities are very necessary for a human being. All these qualities are combined in Ganapati’s Hastimukha. That is why Ganesha, who has the body of a human and the face of an elephant, is very dear to us.

Ganapati is the god of wisdom and all kinds of arts. He is wordy. Beautiful, rhythmic and danceable. Of course, harmony, devotion and love are expected in all these. He does not like hoarseness, obnoxious music or Hidis, hideous dances. Also, no god likes vices, adultery, excesses and addictions and corrupt practices. And especially not to the God of this earth. Ganesha is the universal god. So wherever we go in the whole world we get to see the presence of Lord Ganesha and his nature. Because it is the tuber of happiness, the creator of happiness and the form of happiness. This year let us all experience the holy promise of dohi anand tarang of joy in the presence of Lord Ganesha.

The spiritual form of Ganesha mentioned in different koshas and texts

Elephant ears and eyes
An elephant’s ears are as big as a fan. So why does a wise man need such big ears? Ear is considered as an important sense organ. When we tell someone something important and necessary, we tell him to listen carefully. Even when the Guru gives the mantra to his disciple, he chants it in his ear. When the Lord imparted Gita knowledge, Arjuna heard it with his ears. Therefore, big ears are a symbol of knowledge and hearing. They symbolize attentive listening with an attitude of curiosity and a sense of receptivity.

Without listening in this way, it is not possible for a man to become wise or to have a head as big as an elephant. In Jnanasadhana three purusharthas are mentioned as Shravan, Manan and Nididhyas. The first of these is hearing, the ocean of knowledge. These big ears are useful for listening to the vast knowledge of God. There is a profound mystery behind depicting Ganesha’s eyes as elephant eyes. The characteristic of the elephant’s eyes is that it can see even small objects as large.

The eyes of owls are also characteristic. Their pupils glow with sunlight. So the owl closes its eyes during the day. Cat eyes are also characteristic. That is, a cat can see clearly even in the dark of night. Also, the characteristic of the elephant’s eye is that it sees even small objects as large. If he had seen little ones, he would have trampled them all under his feet. Similarly, a wise person also has a special quality. He sees greatness in even the smallest. He respects everyone because everyone’s greatness stands before his eyes. His mind is not trampled by his words. So the eyes of a wise man are aptly depicted as the eyes of an elephant because of these qualities.

elephant trunk
You may be thinking, ‘I understand the reason for the good elephant’s head, but why is the trunk given to such a great Shivsuta (Shiva’s son)? But if you pay attention to the features of Sonde, you will realize that this is the right thing to do. You must know that an elephant’s trunk is so strong and powerful that it can uproot a tree and lift it up. It is as if he does the work of both a bulldozer and a crane at the same time.

If he feels like it, he will uproot something with his trunk, lift it up and throw it or even bow down to small children. He will also offer flowers to someone or worship someone with water in a copper. It can pick up not only a big tree but also a tiny object like a needle with its trunk. Similarly a wise man is also capable of uprooting his gross habits. He is also adept at picking up on subtle things and giving respect, affection and respect to others. It takes spiritual strength like an elephant or its trunk to uproot our old rituals. Another thing is that the elephant can recognize objects even with its trunk. In the same way a wise man also soon gets to know other persons. Therefore, not only the head of the elephant but also the trunk symbolizes some of the characteristics of a wise man.

Elephant’s head
Among all the animals and birds, the elephant is considered intelligent. Man has also experienced it. It has been observed that an elephant has a large head and a sharp memory. He knows and knows his Mahuta very well. So there is a saying in English that, “As wise and faithful as an elephant.” A person who has got a clear knowledge of Atma and Paramatma and has also realized the beginning, middle and end of creation is called “Vishal Buddhi” in Sanskrit language. A man of great wisdom who has eternal memory of the Supreme Father and who has unshakable faith and belief in the Supreme Soul, it is right to depict his head (which is the seat of wisdom) as an elephant’s head.

Even in general affairs, when many things remain in one’s memory and he speaks like a great man, the words come out of people’s hearts, “He who is great has the brain of an elephant.” Another characteristic of the elephant is that when he is passing through a street or a market, when the monkeys wave and the dogs bark, he does not even look at them. Remains cool in itself. Swings its trunk to and fro and confidently marches its way with its regal slow gait. A wise and yogic person also has similar symptoms, so the head of an elephant is always suitable to express all these qualities at once.

Riddhi and Siddhi
On either side of Lord Ganesha are shown his two wives named Riddhi and Siddhi. These two wives are the symbols of knowledge and wisdom respectively. One who is intelligent will act with complete thought. Will use foresight. So he will definitely get Siddhi or Safalya. Safalya is the birthright of a wise man. Sometimes Ganapati is depicted along with a banana pole and Lakshmi in pictures.

Banana plant has this characteristic that if one of its upper leaves is removed, another leaf is found below it and if that too is removed, a third leaf is found. Because of this characteristic of ours, ‘Kel’ suggests that there is depth in the speech of a wise man. If we go deep into his speech without listening to him, many mysteries will be revealed, so a Hindi poet said, “Jeke Kele Ke Paat-Paat Mein Paat. Vaise Gnani ki Baat Baat Mein Baat.” There is a sense behind portraying that there is depth in the matter of a wise man.

Ganesha’s vehicle – Mushak
As strange as it may seem, the vehicle of Ganesha, so rich, is a ‘mouse’, but this must also have a deeper meaning. The characteristic of the mouse is that it gnaws away at everything, whether expensive or cheap. Because of its gluttony, it gnaws away at other people’s belongings. Similarly, some people Everything others say, no matter how wise and valuable it may be. They gnaw away at reason, using it inappropriately, instead of seriously understanding and benefiting from it. They think it is conscience; but it is not common sense, but bad sense.

It is a sign of a mouse, not a swan. A wise man keeps such an attitude under control. He will certainly reason but never hypothesize. He uses logic only in his control. In the same sense, the rat (mouse) is the vehicle of Lord Ganesha. Ganapati is prudent and logical, but does not give up his will to gnaw logic. His vehicle, the rat, symbolizes the victory of conscience over ignorance. A rat secretly burrows into the house and hides and gnaws in the dark. In the same way, doubt or indiscretion also comes in the darkness of ignorance and starts doing its work indirectly like hiding in a hole and destroys the root of a person’s knowledge, so a person should keep his skepticism under his control.

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