19 lakh jewelry including 50 tola gold, know how many crores Sonali was the mistress

Sonali Phogat’s death mystery is yet to be solved. Goa Police is probing Sonali’s properties. Meanwhile, know how much was Sonali Phogat’s total net worth.

Sonali Phogat

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Sep 01, 2022 | 12:55 PM

Bigg Boss fame Sonali Phogat’s death still remains a mystery. It is being claimed that Sonali Phogat’s health deteriorated late on 22nd August and she said goodbye to the world on 23rd August. Sonali Phogat’s death is also being seen as a murder. Goa Police is engaged in gathering every clue in the case. In the case of Sonali’s death, many arrests have been made so far including her PA Sudhir Sangwan. Sonali Phogat was a successful woman. What was Sonali Phogat’s source of income and how much was her net worth, let’s take a look at it.

Sonali Phogat was the owner of how many crores

  1. According to online media reports, Sonali Phogat had declared assets worth about Rs 110 crore in her affidavit in the 2019 Haryana Assembly elections.
  2. According to reports, Sonali Phogat has three bank accounts, in which Rs 5,11,640 was deposited. However, this amount may have either increased or decreased in the last three years.
  3. It is being said that Sonali Phogat had jewelery worth about 19 lakhs, which includes 50 tola of gold.
  4. One thing which is a bit surprising in the affidavit is that Sonali Phogat did not mention her car anywhere in it. This shows that Sonali Phogat’s vehicles were not in her name. However, it has come to light that they have three vehicles.
  5. Sonali Phogat has 13 acres of land in Dhundhar village of Haryana. The cost of this land is being said to be around Rs 96 crore.
  6. Apart from this, he has a farm house in Hisar. There is also a resort. The cost of Sonali’s farm house is said to be around Rs 7 crore.
  7. Sonali Phogat’s family has 15 to 20 shops in Sant Nagar, Hisar, out of which five to six shops and showrooms also come under Sonali Phogat’s share. A lot of rent comes from here every month.
  8. Apart from Haryana, Sonali Phogat’s property is also being told in Noida. According to reports, Sonali owns a flat in Noida Sector 52, which costs around Rs 32 lakh.
  9. Sonali Phogat was also active in acting. According to reports, Sonali used to charge Rs 25 lakh for a film.
  10. Sonali Phogat also has farms, through which she used to earn a lot.

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