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Theft was done after one month of Reiki, gold worth | Theft was done after one month of Reiki, gold worth 5.50 crores could not be melted

Theft was done after one month of Reiki, gold worth | Theft was done after one month of Reiki, gold worth 5.50 crores could not be melted
Theft was done after one month of Reiki, gold worth | Theft was done after one month of Reiki, gold worth 5.50 crores could not be melted

Arrested accused and cause of crime
– Master Mind Ghulam Mustafa alias Gopi resident of North Motinala Gohalpur: Business of buying and selling electronic goods and used cars, loss in business in lockdown, was unable to pay the installment of the car financed
– Baijuddin alias Baiju resident old bridge behind Unani medicine food, Gohalpur: Gopi’s special companion
– Arif resident Noori Nagar Pasiana, Gohalpur: The information was stolen, the jewelery was taken by pressurizing the accused
Councilor’s identity
After the incident, Gohalpur CSP Akhilesh Gaur and his team scrutinized the CCTV footage. The last location of the car was found near Chhota Fuhara. When the police showed a picture of the car to a councilor, they identified the car and the vehicle owner as Gopi. During investigation, the police came to know that Gopi has gone to Ajmer. As soon as he returned from there, the police team arrested him and Baijuddin. During police interrogation, Gopi told that he had parked the car near the Dutt temple. Payalwala reached inside by cutting the locks of the showroom with a gas cutter.
found this item
– 10 kg 252 grams and 70 mg gold jewellery,
– Car Mp20 BA 1255
– Bike MP20 MA3410
– Cutter used in theft
Imam declared on the accused
– ADGP Umesh Joga gave 30 thousand
– SP Siddhartha Bahuguna 10 thousand
– Bullion Association Rs 2.51 lakh
The sacks found in the shop were filled with jewellery. After staying there for two hours, he came out of the showroom at around three in the night. To mislead the police, he went from Kachhapura to Andhamuk and then to Bargi Tolnaka by car. Then came the city again. From the city both went to Kosamghat. Leave the jewelry in the car itself. Changed clothes and went to Empire Chowk by auto. There he got the bike. DVR and clothes were thrown in the running drain. Gopi and Baiju again went to Kosamghat after throwing the jewelery and clothes they had taken home from the auto in the drain.
key clue
– The car was clean despite rain on the night of the incident
– The last location in the investigation of CCTV footage, small spray
Only the jewelery kept in the shop’s showcase was stolen
– Mastermint Gopi’s words did not match with CDR
– Inquiry in basic policing and clues from informers
Took out a sack full of jewelery from the car and kept it in the auto. Gopi sat with the sack in the auto. Baiju was following the auto on the bike. On reaching home, Gopi and Baiju distributed the jewellery. When Baiju reached home with the jewellery, he was scolded by his family members. After this he gave the jewelery to Gopi. Gopi went to her in-laws’ house with a bundle of jewellery. There he opened the DJ’s sound box and placed the jewelry in it. From here he went to Kosamghat and took the car to Bhedaghat and parked it. 50 grams of jewelery given to Arif Gopi had earlier tried to involve Arif in the crime.

But he was not ready. After discovering the theft, Arif went to Gopi and threatened to inform the police. Then Gopi gave him gold jewelery weighing 50 grams. Told him that he had committed theft in association with an outside gang. Only 100 grams of jewelery has come in his share. The car given to be cut, Gopi went to Bhedaghat on 19th August. From there he took the car and reached the place of Bablu Kabadi near Karonda Nala. The car was given to be cut. After that he went to Nagpur. From there he went to Ajmer with his father.

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