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Sidhu Musewala case: SC seeks affidavit from Punjab Police regarding accused Lawrence Bishnoi, hearing on September 13

Sidhu Musewala case: SC seeks affidavit from Punjab Police regarding accused Lawrence Bishnoi, hearing on September 13
Sidhu Musewala case: SC seeks affidavit from Punjab Police regarding accused Lawrence Bishnoi, hearing on September 13


More than 50 criminal cases registered against 30-year-old Lawrence Bishnoi.
Headache is made for Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan and Delhi-NCR.
There was also a plan to attack Salman Khan, he was threatened with life.

New Delhi. The Supreme Court on Thursday heard a petition seeking to bring back gangster Lawrence Bishnoi, the main accused in the Sidhu Mossewala murder case, back to Delhi’s Tihar Jail. The Supreme Court asked the Punjab Police how many cases have been registered against gangster Lawrence Bishnoi. For how many days was the accused kept in police custody after June 13? The court asked what is the plan of Punjab Police regarding Lawrence Bishnoi? The top court has sought an affidavit from the Punjab Police regarding all the cases registered against Lawrence Bishnoi. The next hearing of the case will be on September 13.

These days the Punjab Police is interrogating Lawrence, who is lodged in Tihar Jail. In the petition filed on behalf of Bishnoi’s family, it has been said that the Punjab Police is violating the conditions on which Bishnoi was sent on transit remand. Bishnoi is being tortured continuously.

EXCLUSIVE: About 200 youths in Lawrence Bishnoi’s gang run their empire with weapons in their hands

Goldie Brar and Kala Rana aka Virendra Pratap were considered to be two strong hands of Lawrence Bishnoi. Goldie is currently in Canada while Rana is in the custody of the police. When Kala Rana was caught by Indian agencies with the help of Interpol, Bishnoi was badly hurt. Lawrence is currently more dependent on Goldie Barr after Rana is in jail. It is his job to provide weapons to the gang on the orders of Bishnoi.

According to sources, Lawrence’s gang mainly consists of his brother Anmol, Sampat Nakera, Tinu Kariyana, Ashish Bishnoi, Dinesh Bishnoi and Amit Bawana. Sampath and Tinu were sent to attack actor Salman Khan. Apart from these, there was also Ankit Bhadu, who was killed in the encounter.

Lawrence is a headache for many states
Gangster Lawrence Bishnoi and his gang have become a headache for Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan and Delhi-NCR. Lawrence is currently lodged in Delhi’s Tihar Jail under MCOCA. He is only 30 years old, but he has more than 50 criminal cases registered against him. It is believed that he runs his gang from Tihar itself. It is said that Lawrence Bishnoi’s gang includes not 100, 200 but more than 600 notorious sharp shooters. These sharp shooters are spread across the country and make extortion for the gang by intimidation. Inspector Aditya of the Special Cell interrogated the jailed Lawrence Bishnoi and his special henchman Naresh Shetty, Sampat Nehra for about a month. It was then revealed that there are 600 sharp shooters in Lawrence’s gang. They get a lot of funding. You are getting a life of luxury and goals are also being met.

Salman Khan has also been his target
According to sources, Bollywood star Salman Khan has also been the target of Lawrence Bishnoi. Lawrence Bishnoi had once planned to attack Salman through his henchmen during the shooting of the film Ready, but this plan failed due to non-availability of the desired weapon. Bishnoi had entrusted his special Naresh Shetty with the responsibility of attacking Salman Khan. Gangster Naresh Shetty, a resident of Jhajjar, stayed in Mumbai for a whole month in January of 2020 and did recce of Salman Khan’s house several times. But he could not succeed in his plan.

Age 30 years, more than 50 cases, 600 sharp shooters in gang… Know the crime horoscope of Moosewala killer Lawrence Bishnoi

Protection money, ransom, recovery main work
Naresh Shetty is said to be the guru of gangster Kala Jathedi. It is said that Shetty taught the tricks of the world of crime to Kala Jathedi. Jaggu, Naresh Shetty, Sampat Nehra and the dead gangster Sukha are believed to be involved in bringing Lawrence Bishnoi to this point. According to the officials of the Special Cell, travel agents, hospital owners, diamond traders, gutkha traders, opium traders, liquor traders, restaurant owners etc. are the targets of Bishnoi gang. From them that protection money, illegal recovery, ransom are demanded.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : September 01, 2022, 15:46 IST

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