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Dead bodies of mother and daughter naked in the house.. After 10 days the atrocity came to light with the arrival of the son.. What is the shocking twist..

Extramarital affairs or money crimes have become more common recently. No matter how many harsh punishments are implemented, crimes are not decreasing. Recently a terrible incident took place in Uttar Pradesh. Dead bodies of mother and daughter lying naked in the house caused a great sensation. Ten days later, when the son came home, the tragedy came to light. The real facts came to light late in the police investigation. Going into details..

A woman named Sunita Pandey (55) from Nariya, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, has two sons and a daughter Deepika Pandey (28). Her husband Balmukund is a retired electricity department employee. Died two years ago due to illness. Their elder son Akhilesh is working as a lawyer in the Allahabad High Court, while their younger son Anjaneyulu is working in a poultry farm in Cholapur. Meanwhile, on July 13, after Anjaneyulu.. 10 he came to Sontur. But when he went inside the house, he was shocked to see the bodies of his mother and sister lying naked. On receiving the information, the police reached there and examined it. Police are investigating for the assailants.

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All these years this case has become a mystery. But at the end of 47 days, the mystery is over. Aman and Atul Vishwakarma, brothers from Bhadohi area, were found guilty of the murder. On the night of the incident, they entered through the road behind the house. When they left, they killed the mother and daughter by hitting them on the head with a hammer and an iron rod. Later they took mobile phones along with jewelry and cash. Along with the two accused in this case, the police also arrested another person who helped them. Uttar Pradesh DGP DS Chauhan congratulated Varanasi police for solving this mystery.

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