Welcome to OPS; OPS welcomes by AIADMK cadres Couple Oppose to EPS Team in Freedom fighter Pulithevan Jayanthi

Welcome to OPS; OPS welcomes by AIADMK cadres Couple Oppose to EPS Team in Freedom fighter Pulithevan Jayanthi
Welcome to OPS; OPS welcomes by AIADMK cadres Couple Oppose to EPS Team in Freedom fighter Pulithevan Jayanthi

On the 307th birth anniversary of the freedom fighter Maveeran Pulithevan, who fought against the British, O. Panneerselvath, who traveled by road from Theni to Tenkasi to pay respects to his statue, was given a warm welcome by the ADMK workers. But, E.P.S. Chanting against the team has gained attention.

The 307th birth anniversary of freedom fighter Maveeran Poolithevan is being celebrated on Thursday. On behalf of the Tamil Nadu government and various political parties and movements, respect is being paid to the statue of Phulidevan on the occasion of his birthday.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on his Twitter page early in the morning that he salutes Maveeran Bhulidevan on his birthday. “Salutations to Maveeran Bhulidevar on his birthday. His bravery and determination continue to inspire countless others. He stood at the forefront and fought against foreign imperialism. He always worked tirelessly for the people.” Prime Minister Modi had mentioned that.

Today (September 1), the birth anniversary of hero Pulithevan, who fought against the British, the government paid tribute to his full-length bronze statue at Nelkatan Sewal in Tenkasi district. Following this, leaders of political parties, various organizations and members of the public paid their respects by garlanding the statue of Phulidevan.

In that way, AIADMK coordinator O. Panneerselvam took part in the 307th Jayanti celebrations of freedom fighter Phulidevan and went by road from Theni to Nelkatan Sewal, Tenkasi district to pay respects to Phulidevan’s statue by garlanding it. AIADMK workers gave him an enthusiastic welcome on his way.

AIADMK district secretaries, administrators and volunteers in that area gave an enthusiastic welcome to O. Panneerselvam. The women welcomed O. Panneerselvam with aarti.

VIRUDUHNAGAR DISTRICT, ALAKAPURI, O.P.S. His supporters who welcomed him gave him a rousing welcome with the sound of drums, garlands and shawls. Moreover, more than 500 of his volunteers gathered in various areas including Srivilliputtur, Rajapalayam and welcomed OPS. Sami bowed down at the Murugan Temple leading to Srivilliputhur. There he was surrounded and honored. In Tenkasi, the newlyweds receive greetings from him.

AIADMK volunteers led by O. Panneerselvam went to Nelkatan Sewal to accept the enthusiastic welcome given by his supporters and paid respects to the statue of Mahaveeran Phulidevan.

Meanwhile, AIADMK former ministers Natham Viswanathan, RP Udayakumar and Kadampur Raju paid their respects to the full-length bronze statue of Phulidevan at the Nelkattum Sewal Memorial Hall near Vasudevanallur in Tenkasi district on the occasion of Phoolidevan’s birthday.

At that time, a couple raised a slogan protesting against former ministers Natham Viswanathan and RB Udayakumar saying that an unqualified person should not garland Phulitheva. This caused a stir in the area. The two chanters were taken away and the police interrogated them. It has been reported that the couple gave an explanation during the investigation that they were chanting slogans for the AIADMK to unite.

In this way, the OPS who went to pay respects to the statue of Maveeran Phooleethevan received an enthusiastic welcome from the volunteers. At the same time, Bhooleethevan’s birthday celebration scenes were held in opposition to the EPS team.

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