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Cervical cancer domestic vaccine soon.. What is the price..?

Cervical cancer domestic vaccine soon.. What is the price..?
Cervical cancer domestic vaccine soon.. What is the price..?

Delhi: The first indigenous vaccine against cervical cancer will be available soon. The manufacturing company has revealed that the price of the vaccine will be accessible to the common man. The CEO of Serum Institute of India (SII) Other Poonawala revealed that its price in the market can be between Rs.200 to Rs.400. However, the final price will be decided after discussion with the central government. Although there are currently two or three foreign vaccines in the Indian market to fight cervical cancer, this is the first indigenous vaccine (CERVAVAC). It will be available by the end of this year.

Cervical cancer vaccine against cervical cancer has been developed domestically by the Serum Institute in collaboration with the Department of Biotechnology. While the trials of this vaccine (CERVAVAC) have already been completed, the Drug Regulatory Authority of India (DCGI) has also approved the market of this vaccine in July itself. After completing the scientific process related to this, it is ready to enter the market soon. Union Minister of Science and Technology Jitendra Singh disclosed this in a recently organized meeting.

Speaking on this occasion, Serum Cheap Other Poonawala said that its price is very low compared to the current vaccines used for cervical cancer. He said that it would be between Rs.200 to Rs.400. He said that he would take a final decision after discussing with the government. It is being made available at the end of the year.. They said that they are planning to make 20 crore doses available. It has been revealed that this vaccine will be provided in the country first. After the domestic requirements are met, the issue of export to foreign countries will be considered.

As such, cervical cancer is the second most common cancer in the country. This cancer caused by human papilloma virus (HPV) is seen more in women aged 15 to 44 years. Around 6 lakh cases are reported worldwide every year, 3 lakh people lose their lives. The prevalence of this cancer is high in India. Currently two or three foreign vaccines are available for this and their price is around Rs.4 thousand. It is a matter of relief that domestically manufactured vaccine is only Rs.200 to Rs.400.

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