Came out of jail and started doing extortion, youths hit him with a bat-stick in the middle of the square. A fight broke out as soon as he was released from jail, the youth attacked with Bet-Stick, now VIDEO of the beating going viral in social media

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A video of a history sheeter beating fiercely in Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh is becoming fiercely viral on social media. In VIDEO, the youths are beating the crooks who came out of jail with bats and wooden sticks. It is being told that after being released from jail, the history-sheeter was having a dispute with the youths while extorting them, on which the youths beat him up. However, no one has filed a complaint in the case so far. The incident is of Civil Line police station area.

Vicky Pandey, a resident of Sakri, is a habitual crook. There are many criminal cases registered against him like murder, setting fire to the house. He was in jail in a similar case. He was released from jail a few days ago. Three days back after coming out of jail, he got into an argument with some youths in Magarpara, in order to take revenge, the youths caught him in the middle of the square. After this, he dropped him from the bike and beat him fiercely with cricket bats, sticks and batons.

Youth attacked with bat and stick.

It is being told that the youth had gone out for a walk at night. Then Vicky Pandey stopped them in Magarpara and started extorting youths and demanding money for drinking alcohol. When the money was not given, he started quarreling. Angered by this, the youths called their comrades, these youths surrounded Vicky and started beating them. He tried to run away, but the youth surrounded him and thrashed him fiercely. Meanwhile, VIDEO was also made, which is now going viral in social media.

Vicky Pandey is a habitual crook.

Vicky Pandey is a habitual crook.

EE Panchayati was also attacked
Two years ago, Vicky Pandey had also attacked EE Pankaj Panchayati of the Municipal Corporation. Panchayati had gone out on a walk while cycling in the morning. Then the youth riding the bike came chasing and attacked them. The attackers could not be identified then. After registering the case, the police identified the attackers as Vicky Pandey and his associates. He was arrested in this case also.

Case is also registered in Sakri police station
Many cases are also registered against Vicky Pandey in Sakri police station. While doing extortion, he attacked the house with a knife and set the house on fire. Along with this, while fighting in the dhaba, the youths were attacked with knives. He was in jail for a long time. He was released from jail only a few days ago.

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