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Which animal never yawns? understand then know

DNA Hindi: All types of questions are asked in UPSC interview. Sometimes these questions are so tricky that the answer is very common, but even good candidates get confused after hearing them. In this episode, today we have also brought some questions for you which can help you in sharpening your mind. Let us tell you that most of these questions are related to such things that you would see around you everyday but you hardly know some things related to them.

Let us know some such tricky questions and their answers.

Question 1- What is that food item that never rots?

Question 2- What is the full form of GOOGLE?

Question 3- Why does the color of an apple change a few hours after it is cut?

Question 4- Which country has only 27 people living in it?

Question 5- Which animal never yawns?

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If you know the answer to these questions then your mind is really very sharp. If not, then it doesn’t matter, you will get their answer here too.

Here is the answer of every question
Answer 1- Honey

Answer 2- Global Organization of Oriented Group Language of Earth.

Answer 3- Apples contain catechins, polyphenols and caffeine. When the apple is cut, the acids present in it mix with the air. Because of this the color turns red.

Answer 4- sealand

Answer 5- giraffe

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