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The family created a ruckus, said – had received death threats, the police did not take action on the complaint. Under suspicious circumstances, the body of a cow protector was found hanging in the temple in kanpur dehat

Kanpur Dehat4 minutes ago

Under the Akbarpur police station of Kanpur countryside, the dead body has been hanged after killing a cow protector. As soon as he got the information, there was chaos in his house. The police, who reached the spot, took possession of the body after collecting evidence along with the forensic team. At the same time, the family created a ruckus, accusing some people of the village of murder.

The deceased used to lie in the temple daily

Gau Rakshak Rajesh Dwivedi (50), originally living in Jyotish village of Akbarpur, used to lie in the temple outside the house. After having dinner late at night, he went to the temple premises and lay down. In the morning his body was found hanging in a peg made in the wall of the temple. As soon as he got the information, there was chaos in his house.

His wife Lali became infuriated by the death of her husband. While son Ankit and daughter Pragati were in a bad condition. On information, CO Sadar Prabhat Kumar, Akbarpur Kotwal Pramod Shukla reached the spot. During the interrogation of the CO, the family members accused him of killing him and hanging the body in a peg.

The deceased Rajesh used to sleep in this temple every night.

Police also accused

Ankit, son of the deceased cow protector Rajesh Dwivedi, said that on August 13, he had lodged a complaint with the police against some people of the village itself for seriously injuring the cow by attacking it with a sharp tool. Along with this, the video of that incident also went viral on social media.

However, the police did not take any coercive action, not taking it seriously. After which Gau Rakshak Rajesh Dwivedi started receiving constant threats. The threats were also given to the police by him, but the police did not show any seriousness. Because of which he was murdered.

21 days ago was given in the police station

The relatives of the deceased Rajesh also showed the Tahrir which Rajesh had given 21 days ago in the police station. In this Tahrir, Rajesh had complained against the people who killed and mocked two dozen cows. Along with this, 7 people were also nominated. What was written in the Tahrir, read below…


It is requested that the applicant resident is a resident of village Jyotish police station Akbarpur, it should be known that on the date 13-08-2022, at around 11 and 12 o’clock in the day, Dabang Chandrapal, Uday Narayan, Shivkumar, Radheshyam, Nanhun Sharma, Bouwan, Omprakash and others of the village. 8 unknown people caught and surrounded two dozen bovine cows and locked them in a ruin and were badly beaten with sticks, sticks and sharp spears. Along with this, the horns of many have been broken. Many have been torn off their stomachs as well as many have been seriously injured. On the refusal of Prathi and the people of the village, they have fled. Due to which a dozen bovine cows are seriously injured.
Therefore, Sir, it is requested that by registering an immediate report of the said incident, please take strict action while providing medical and treatment to more than 1 dozen injured cows.

This is the same Tahrir which was given by the deceased 21 days ago in Akbarpur police station.

The family is making a ruckus by keeping the dead body

The relatives of Gau Rakshak Rajesh Dwivedi have started a ruckus by keeping the dead body outside the house. Raising slogans against the police administration, they started demanding the arrest of the accused. The CO and SDM present on the spot pacified the rioting family members by persuading them.

The family members stopped creating a ruckus but have categorically refused to lift the dead body. The family demands that the arrest of the accused and action should be taken against the policemen who were negligent. Only after that the body will be cremated.

The relatives allege that a complaint was also made to the police for killing the cows but no action was taken.

The relatives allege that a complaint was also made to the police for killing the cows but no action was taken.

Case registered on the complaint of relatives

CO Prabhat Kumar told that the family members are accusing Shivkumar, Radheshyam, Uday Narayan, Dharmendra and Omprakash Kushwaha and 10 to 15 unknowns of hanging the dead body by killing them. A case has been registered on the basis of the complaint of the family members. Taking action as per rules, efforts are being made to arrest the accused. Whatever allegations are being leveled by the family on the police, all those allegations are being investigated. If any policeman is found guilty in the investigation, then action will be taken against him also.

The son of the deceased says that we will not perform the last rites of the dead body until the accused are arrested.

The son of the deceased says that we will not perform the last rites of the dead body until the accused are arrested.

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