Farmers are happy with the rise in tomato prices Dinamalar

Farmers are happy with the rise in tomato prices Dinamalar
Farmers are happy with the rise in tomato prices Dinamalar

Aroor, Sep. 4-
In Aroor, farmers are happy as tomato prices continue to rise.
In Dharmapuri district, more than 6,500 acres of tomatoes have been planted in Morapur, Kampainallur and Aroor. Now, farmers are happy as the market price of tomato continues to rise.
Traders said about this: In Arur, a week ago, a basket of tomatoes weighing 28 kg was sold for 200 rupees. After that, the price gradually increased, and on the 31st, a basket of tomatoes sold for 500 rupees. For the last two consecutive days, a basket of tomatoes is selling for Rs 700. Farmers are happy with the continuous rise in prices. Private mandika in Arur due to continuous rain
The supply of tomatoes has fallen drastically. Also, auspicious events including weddings and the transportation of tomatoes to outlying districts are also the reason for the increase in prices.
Thus, they said.

Aroor, Sep. 4-In Aroor, the farmers are happy as the price of tomatoes continues to rise.

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