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Poland demands $1.3 trillion war indemnity from Germany

Poland demands $1.3 trillion war indemnity from Germany
Poland demands $1.3 trillion war indemnity from Germany

Poland – Poland’s top politician said on Thursday that the government would demand the equivalent of about $1.3 trillion from Germany for the Nazis’ World War II invasion and occupation of his country.

Law and Justice Party leader Jarosaw Kaczyski announced huge claims on the release of a long-awaited report on the country’s cost of the years of Nazi German occupation as it is 83 years after the start of World War II.

“Not only did we prepare the report, but we have also decided on the next course of action,” Kaczynski said during the presentation of the report.

“We will turn to Germany to open talks on reparations,” Kaczynski said, adding that it will not be a “long and easy road” but “one day will bring success.”

He stressed that the move would serve a “true Polish-German reconciliation” that would be based on “truth”.

He claimed that the German economy was able to pay the bill.

Germany argues that compensation was paid to Eastern Bloc nations in the post-war years, while Poland lost the east as the borders were redrawn, with some of Germany’s pre-war land compensated. went. Berlin closed the case.

Germany’s foreign ministry said on Thursday that the government’s position remained “unchanged” that “the question of repair is over.”

“Poland waived further repairs long ago, in 1953, and has repeatedly confirmed this exemption,” the ministry said in response to an email to an Associated Press query about the new Polish report.

“It is an important foundation for today’s European order. Germany stands by its responsibility politically and morally for World War II.”

Poland’s right-wing government argues that the country which was the first victim of the war has not been fully compensated by neighboring Germany, which is now one of its major partners within the European Union.

“Germany has never really held accountable for its crimes against Poland,” Kaczynski said, claiming that many Germans who committed war crimes lived in post-war Germany.

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