Akshay Kumar And Rakulpreet Starrer Cuttputli Review By Harshada Bhirvandekar


Suspense, Thriller, Crime

Director: Ranjit M Tiwari

Starring: Akshay Kumar, Rakul Preet Singh, Sargun Mehta, Chandrachud Singh

Cuttputlli Review : Akshay Kumar, who used to give hit films one after the other, is now followed by a series of ‘flops’. Akshay’s new film has been released on OTT with a leap after three films in a row. The Hindi remake of South’s ‘Ratsasan’, Akshay Kumar’s ‘Cuttputlli’ is getting a mixed response from the audience on OTT. This film, which is a mixture of all three elements of crime, thriller and suspense, took the audience till the end. But, suddenly at the end, the film seemed to be abandoned. So, let’s find out how this movie is…

What is the plot?

The story of the film begins in ‘Parwano’ in Himachal…where there is talk that crime in the city has reduced. Meanwhile, a dismembered body of a schoolgirl wrapped in a plastic bag is seen in front and this is where the crime-thriller story begins… After the license, the camera comes directly to Chandigarh and Akshay Kumar enters. Akshay Kumar is writing a psychological thriller story. However, he is not getting any producer for this film. After this he goes to Kasol to his sister on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan. She wants her brother to join the police instead of his father. He finally respects her wishes and joins the police force.

When Arjan Sethi aka Akshay Kumar joins the police force, once again a school girl goes missing from the city and she too is brutally murdered. Arjan, who is now a master in psychology, feels that these murders must have something to do with it. But, being a junior, his voice is suppressed. Then another murder takes place in the city. But now his theory starts to be believed somewhere. He is involved in this case. However, his seniors take the credit for all his hard work. Meanwhile, he puts his all on the line for the case. However, this serial killer does not give up on anything.

One day Akshay Kumar’s own niece is killed by a serial killer. After this, however, he wakes up on fire. Meanwhile, he is suspended on false charges. Still he works on the case and discovers the whereabouts of the serial killer.

Suspense builds…

The name ‘Katputli’ does not suit this film. Of course, those Rajasthani dolls come to mind when you say Katputli. However, this has nothing to do with the film. The film does feature a doll, however, who is named Cinderella. After abducting each girl, the serial killer leaves a doll’s mutilated head in a gift box, where the girls’ bodies are later found. While watching the film, one often feels like one of the serial killers and the audience sees his face in each one. However, this is not revealed till the end. We naturally wait for the end to find out who the serial killer really is.

Where did the film go wrong?

The music given in some cases adds to the intensity of the scene. The locations of the film are very beautiful. A house where girls are killed is like a haunted house. Suspense makes the audience hold their anger till the end. However, watching the ending, Par becomes disillusioned. This movie must be watched at least once to see what actually happens. Akshay Kumar is often seen with a smiley face in serious scenes. After a long time, actor Chandrachud has appeared in this film. Rakulpreet’s role does not have much scope. But, Sargun Mehta has looked good in the role of a female police officer. So, South star Sujith Shankar has also played the role of Lingpisat teacher so easily that he gets annoyed. So, the audience gets a surprise at the end.

The name of this film was initially ‘Mission Cinderella’. Perhaps this name would have suited the film better. So, the ending of the film was so disappointing that it felt like the film was suddenly abandoned somewhere. Overall, keeping aside the current boycott trend, you can definitely watch this movie once. The film has been released on Disney Plus Hotstar.

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