Budh Vakri 2022 Mercury Retrograde In Virgo These Zodiac Sign Will Be Alert

Budh Vakri 2022 Bad Effect, Mercury retrograde in Virgo: According to the Panchang, Mercury will be retrograde in Virgo on 10th September at 8:42 am. After this, on October 2, it will be in Virgo sign itself. Margi Mercury will remain in Virgo till 26 October. On October 26, it will leave Virgo and will transit in Libra. Some zodiac signs will benefit due to the retrograde of Mercury in Virgo, while some zodiac signs need to be careful. Let us know which zodiac signs will need to be aware of the effect of retrograde Mercury.

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Libra Zodiac, The retrograde of Mercury in Virgo will have an inauspicious effect on the people of Libra. Due to mental tension, the mind will remain restless. There are chances of change in business. You may have to face adversity in business. Patience will decrease. There may be estrangement with life partner.

Scorpio Zodiac, Due to the retrograde of Mercury, people of Scorpio zodiac will have to be more alert. They have to take special care of health. Feelings of hope and despair will remain in the mind. There may be ideological differences with the father due to negative thoughts in the mind. There can be an increase in child happiness and opportunities for promotion in the job can also be found.

sagittarius Zodiac, There will be an effect of negative thoughts in the mind. In such a situation, they need to maintain mental peace. Where there is an increase in income, then expenses will also increase. Don’t let your confidence fall and keep your emotions under your control. Take care of health. There may be problems in daily activities. You will get job opportunities with the help of friends. There will be cooperation of brothers.

Aquarius Zodiac, There will be no lack of confidence in them, but the mind can get upset. There may be a change in the field of work. Income will decrease but expenses will increase, which will cause trouble. Stay away from unnecessary arguments.

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