KS Azlagiri visited Rahul Gandhi padayatra places in Kumari district today

KS Azlagiri visited Rahul Gandhi padayatra places in Kumari district today
KS Azlagiri visited Rahul Gandhi padayatra places in Kumari district today


Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi is undertaking a 3750 km Padayatra from Kanyakumari to Kashmir.

He is undertaking this padayatra, a 150-day journey through 12 states. The opening ceremony will be held on the 7th at 3 pm in front of Kanyakumari Gandhi Mandapam.

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.K. Stalin attends and presents the national flag to Rahul Gandhi to inaugurate the Pada Yatra.

Following this, a grand public meeting has also been organized at the Kanyakumari beach area.

Then Rahul Gandhi will start Padayatra from Kanyakumari on 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th in Kumari district.

On the morning of 11th he will go to Kerala via Thiruvananthapuram. Tamil Nadu Congress is carrying out development work after Rahul Gandhi’s 4-day padayatra in Kumari district.

Tamil Nadu Congress President KS Azhagiri Kumari district was already consulting on the development work.

Following this, many MPs and MLAs camped here and visited the development works.

In this situation today again Tamil Nadu Congress leader K. S. Alagiri came to Kumari district. On arrival at Nagercoil, he personally visited and inspected the ongoing work at Scott Christian College, Nagercoil. After completing the 2nd day tour there, Rahul Gandhi stayed in a caravan van at that ground.

Huge pandals are also being erected there for the officials who are coming to Padayatra along with Rahul Gandhi. KS Azlagiri visited and inspected the works this morning. He also visited the places where Rahul Gandhi is going to perform Padayatra and heard the details of the work done so far.

Following this, Tamil Nadu Congress President K.S. A consultation meeting of MPs and MLAs was held at Nagercoil under the leadership of Alagiri. Congress senior observer Kundu Rao, MPs Vijay Vasanth, Jyotimani, Chellakumar, Jayakumar, M.L. A.s Rajesh Kumar, Prince, District Heads Naveen Kumar, K.T. Udayam, Binulal Singh and others also participated.

The meeting discussed the arrangements to be made during the Rahul Gandhi Padayatra.

Alagiri requested that all the administrators should work together for this, that the party members should gather on both sides of the road and give an enthusiastic welcome during the padayatra programs that he is going to undertake from Kanyakumari to Kalikavlai.

18 MPs to oversee Rahul Gandhi reception arrangements M.L. The in-charges have been appointed under the leadership of A.

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