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Meerut News 12-year-old daughter was feeling burdened by this father, threw her in the canal

Meerut News 12-year-old daughter was feeling burdened by this father, threw her in the canal
Meerut News 12-year-old daughter was feeling burdened by this father, threw her in the canal

Meerut News says that daughter is the pride and self-respect of the father. Daughter’s grief hurts the person who does not have a daughter, but in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, a father was finding his 12-year-old daughter a burden. To reduce this burden, the father threw his 12-year-old innocent daughter into the canal and lodged a false report of the kidnapping of the daughter in the police station. At present, after the truth is revealed, the police have started searching for the girl. So far nothing of the girl has been found.

Meerut News

According to the information, Bablu, a resident of Ganganagar police station area of ​​Meerut, is originally a resident of Singhawali of Baghpat. He lives in Meerut with his wife Ruby, 14-year-old son Vansh, 12-year-old daughter Chanchal and 5-year-old son Aarav. He is a collection agent in a finance company.

Let us tell you that Bablu’s 12-year-old daughter Chanchal was missing since 8 o’clock on the night of September 1. Bablu had filed a case with the police alleging that she had kidnapped her daughter Chanchal. When Chanchal was not found for two days, the police called Bablu for questioning. Bablu kept misleading the police at first, but later broke down when strict action was taken. He spilled the whole truth.

During police interrogation, Bablu told that at 10 o’clock on Thursday night, he had taken his wife and daughter to Bhola’s Jhal area. There the daughter was thrown into the canal. SP Dehat Keshav Kumar said that the father could not believe that he had thrown the daughter alive into the canal. It may have been thrown after killing the daughter. Police team has been deployed to find the body.

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SP Dehat Keshav Kumar said that the police team was sent to Bhola’s jhal on the matter of father throwing his daughter. In a CCTV camera installed there, Chanchal is seen leaving with his father Bablu and mother Ruby. This confirms that Chanchal has been murdered.

The accused father, Bablu, had told in the police interrogation that the daughter had taken Chanchal to a restaurant for a burger. When the policemen reached there and inquired, he told that the girl had not come to his shop. Also got the CCTV cameras checked, in which there was no flickering.

During police interrogation, accused Bablu told that his wife used to say the same thing every day that Chanchal talks to boys. Somewhere in the future, this act of the daughter should not become a cause of slander, so the daughter started feeling a burden on him and his wife. At the same time, his wife had also told him that it was necessary to kill Chanchal, so that slander could be avoided.

SP Dehat Keshav Kumar said that the girl’s mother and father have accepted the matter of throwing a 12-year-old girl into the Ganges canal. After watching the CCTV footage, it is learned that both of them had taken the girl by bike. Where the girl was thrown into the canal at night.

At present, a search operation has been started by putting divers of PAC in the Ganges canal to find the girl. The case was registered under sections 363 and 366, in which the murder section will be increased. If the girl’s body is not found, the police will present the girl’s mother and father in court in 364. Both the father and mother of the girl are guilty in the whole incident.

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