BJP will gather today to prepare for the grand welcome of the national president in Bilaspur

Bilaspur. An important meeting of the district BJP has been held in the district BJP office today for the preparation of Bilaspur district for the workers’ conference organized in Raipur on the stay of Bharatiya Janata Party’s national president Jagatprakash Nadda. The meeting will start at 2 pm. Apart from the workers’ conference, the necessary strategy will be made to welcome the national president.

BJP District President Ramdev Kumawat said that after becoming the national president of Bharatiya Janata Party, Jagatprakash Nadda, on the first visit of Chhattisgarh on September 9, the state Bharatiya Janata Party has organized a workers’ conference at 11 am in Raipur.

According to the required category issued by the state BJP for the workers’ conference, National office bearer, Working committee member BJP, National Front officer, Working committee member, MP, MLA, State office bearer, State working committee member BJP, former MP, former MLA, 2018 assembly candidate, Year 2019 Lok Sabha candidate, Morcha State Officer, State Working Committee Member, Cell State Convenor, Co-Convenor, State Team, District Officer BJP, Working Committee Member, Divisional In-Charge BJP, Front District President, General Secretary, District Officer, District Convenor of Cells , Co-convenor, Mandal BJP office bearer, Divisional President of Front, Municipal Corporation, Municipality, Councilors of Nagar Panchayat, District Panchayat, District Panchayat, President, Vice President, Member, Power Center in-charge, Convenor, Co-convenor, Booth President etc. Number of thousands will participate in

On the Chhattisgarh stay of National President Jagat Prakash Nadda, after the workers’ conference was fixed in Raipur, assembly level meetings were organized by making a list according to the above category to go to Raipur from Bilaspur district to the workers’ conference.

According to the list received from all 25 divisions of BJP district, a meeting of district BJP has been organized at BJP office, Bilaspur, at 2 pm today, in order to ensure participation of all required categories of workers in the workers’ conference of Raipur. Former Leader of Opposition and Bilha MLA Dharamlal Kaushik, Former Minister Amar Agrawal, BJP State Vice President and District Organization In-charge Motilal Sahu, BJP State General Secretary Bhupendra Savani, Masturi MLA Dr. Krishnamurti Bandhi, Beltara MLA Rajneesh Singh, Former Chairperson of Women’s Commission including Harshita Pandey National, State Officer, Working Committee Member BJP, National Front Officer and Working Committee Member, MP, MLA, Former MP, Former MLA, 2018 candidate, 2019 Lok Sabha candidate, Divisional In-Charge BJP, District In-charge, Co-incharge, Assembly In-charge, Front State Officer, District Officer BJP, Front District President, General Secretary, Cell District Convenor, Co-convener, Divisional In-charge, Divisional President, Mandal General Secretary Shri, Corporation Leader of Opposition, District Panchayat President, Vice President will be present.

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