The teacher bathed in blood inside the van, Dinkan Sasi dug a hole in the house; 13 years without a trace

The teacher bathed in blood inside the van, Dinkan Sasi dug a hole in the house; 13 years without a trace
The teacher bathed in blood inside the van, Dinkan Sasi dug a hole in the house; 13 years without a trace

PEven if everyone forgets, some will remember that cold winter’s murder. Because the day of the murder was Teacher’s Day. The child’s beloved teacher was killed. If killed, her husband too. Even after 13 years, the police have no trace of him.

September 5, 2009

In the early hours of Teacher’s Day, the residents were horrified to see a woman lying in the front seat of a van parked near the Kannur Chowwa Spinning Mill in a pool of blood with her throat slit. There is blood all over the van. Some recognized that face. Kannur Govt. City High School teacher K.V. Some of the children she taught identified him as Hemaja (46).

Hemaja is the daughter of Ambadi Chandrasekar and Indira of Uruvachal Chandrapuram, who retired as a revenue inspector from the Kannur municipal office. She was killed in a van on her way to her sister Sreeja’s house, about 150 meters away from her house. No one knows whether the murder took place there or somewhere else. Since the spinning mill is nearby, many people must have passed by at night. But nothing unusual was seen there.

The investigation begins

After identifying the victim, the police intensified their investigation. Even after a long time, Hemaja’s husband Dinkan Shashi alias Sashindran did not reach the place of the incident or the house. He was at home with Hemaja until yesterday and had drowned somewhere. Hemaja and her husband were at home till one o’clock in the night. And how did Hemaja travel in this van? The police had doubts about where the trip went.

With that, the police confirmed that the husband’s hands were behind the murder. Saseendran was a rough man who was not very connected with others. Their marriage was delayed.

Neighbors said that Hemaja and her husband were at home till late night. Neighbors and relatives know that they are not at home in the morning. By then, the news of his death had arrived. No jewelry was missing from the dead body. Then it was realized that the murder was for some other purpose. Meanwhile, there was a protest against the delay in arresting the accused. An action committee was formed. As an agitation.

The co-accused was arrested on the fifth day

On the fifth day after the murder, Sasi’s friend and co-accused Alakode Vallad in Thonakkara, T.N. Sasi was caught. He was caught when he was hiding in the Perampra cowshed. By interrogating Sasi, the police got the rough outline of the events. It turns out that her husband Shashi planned the murder and the co-accused was an accomplice in the murder. Dinkan had handed over the jewelery of Hemaja’s sister to Shashi. It says he pledged it. After being forced to take it away, the husband decided to kill his wife. Dinkan Sasi’s move was very planned. He planned to kill Hemaja and dig her up. For that, it is said that a big hole was dug in the ancestral home of Pannenpara on the eve of the murder.

On the night of September 4, only Sasi and his wife were present in the Uruvachal house. Later in the night, Sasi started having stomach pain. He was feigning a severe stomach ache. He insisted that he should go to the hospital immediately and that his wife should also come. Unaware of the trick, Hemaja got into the van with him and left in the middle of the night. Co-accused Sasi was waiting on the way. Hemaja was sitting in the front seat. The co-accused will sit in the back seat. The car drove along the deserted road. Then instead of going there, he went to the side of the house. Meanwhile, a rope was tied around Hemaja’s neck. It was done by the co-accused. On the way, her husband Sashi slit Hemaja’s throat with a knife. In the meantime, Sashindran’s calculations went wrong when his friend, who was an accomplice to the murder, ran away in fear. Co-accused Sashik also does not know what happened.

Dinkan looked for Sasi

The police searched inside and outside Kerala. A look out notice has been issued. Sashi is very interested in cow rearing. The police suspected that he was living in the Konkan region by rearing cows and impersonating a farmer. The police conducted an investigation in that manner as well. But the result was not seen.

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