Husband kept fighting by selling land in wife’s murder case, police recovered woman alive with lover


First Published Sep 4, 2022, 1:24 PM IST

BaghpatA surprising case has come to light from Baghpat district of Uttar Pradesh. On the charge of killing a married woman in Baghpat, the family members had filed a murder case against their son-in-law at the Balaini police station. Police have now recovered that woman from Loni police station area of ​​Ghaziabad. It is being told that the woman was living in Ghaziabad with her lover after doing a court marriage. The police has come to the police station with the woman. Where the woman is being interrogated. In the midst of all this, the husband was making rounds of the court for the murder of the woman.

Husband was accused of killing his wife
According to the information received, a year ago, Kaluram, a resident of Sorkha village of Noida, had lodged a case of murder of his sister Pooja in the year 2021 at Balaini police station. Kaluram had accused Pooja’s husband of killing her sister Pooja. After this, the husband of the married woman, Bijendra had taken a stay from the High Court on the arrest and along with the police started looking for his wife Pooja. At the same time, a year later, Pooja was found living in Loni area after doing a court marriage with her lover resident of Dhikoli.

wife was living with lover
Giving information about the matter, the station in-charge Bhupendra Singh said that 12 years ago, Pooja was married to Bijendra. After which the couple had three children. At the same time, after missing, the woman has given birth to a fourth child in Loni. The police is taking the woman to the police station for questioning. The woman told that at present her lover is in jail due to some case. At the same time, the woman’s husband Bijendra is the driver of the vehicle. He had been searching for the woman after his wife went missing and a murder case was registered against Kud. So far he has also sold his three bighas of land due to the court case. After the disclosure of this case, many questions are also being raised on the police.

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