15 tola gold, one and a half kg silver and 2 lakh cash missing, house was deserted. 15 tola gold, 1KG silver and 2 lakh cash missing, house was deserted

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The lock of the deserted house was broken and the cupboard was found open.

Thieves who entered the deserted house of the temple priest were shot for 10 lakhs. The thieves managed to take away 15 tola of gold ornaments, 1.5 kg silver and two lakh rupees in cash from the spot. The theft was discovered by the sons living nearby at 4 in the morning, when they got up from the bed for routine work. Then the door of his main gate was closed from outside. With the help of neighbors, he opened the door. After this the lock of the father’s house was found broken. On information, the police reached the spot to inspect the spot. The matter is of Sadar police station.

Goods found scattered on the spot.

Actually, Dinkarlal Mehta, a resident of Tamtia Aada, is a priest in the Shiva temple located in Vaniyat of Modasa district in Gujarat. Since 2014, he stays in Vaniyat for more time. He is with the youngest boy Rajendra Mehta in a local house here, but Rajendra is also a priest in a temple in Pithol, Madhya Pradesh. That’s why this house is often locked. The houses of the other three sons of Dinkarlal are also adjacent here. Thieves broke the lock of Mehta’s house late on Saturday night. At the same time, opening the cupboard kept in the room with a rod, he reached the locker. When Mehta’s son Hitesh Mehta woke up at four in the morning, he found the latch outside the house locked. Nitin Mehta told that with the help of neighbours, he got the door opened outside and then the theft came to light.

Scattered clothes.

These goods were taken from the spot

  • Gold necklace weighing three and a half tola
  • Bagri weighing 3 tola
  • Chain weighing two and a half tola
  • two tola weighing chain
  • one and a half tails budget
  • ear earrings weighing 8 grams
  • two gold rings
  • Paigeb weighing 5 hundred grams
  • about a kilo of silver
  • 2 lakh rupees cash
Opened everything in the cupboard.

Opened everything in the cupboard.

the thief is knowledgeable
Dinkarlal Mehta’s house is two storeyed. On the first floor there is a hall, two rooms and kitchen, while the ground floor is also in the same design. But, the thieves did not break into any room on the first floor. At the same time, the lock of the kitchen and other rooms in the ground floor was not broken. Rather only broke the lock of the room where the cupboard is kept. The thieves opened the almirah door with the help of bars, while breaking the inner locker. There were drums etc. near the cupboard, which were also locked, but the thieves did not touch it. Therefore, looking at the situation, it seems that the thief is the only one who had the idea of ​​everything. The police reached the spot and recovered a screwdriver, which the thieves had left here. Nearby people told the police that he was awake till around 2 pm. Till then the incident had not happened. The incident is between two o’clock in the night and four in the morning.

The family gave a report to the police.

The family gave a report to the police.

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