Congress is only united.. BJP government is ruling in illusion

Member of Parliament Karthi Chidambaram has said that there is a long list of BJP corruption.

Party officials welcomed Karti Chidambaram, Congress Member of Parliament from Sivaganga, who came to Kovilpatti in Thoothukudi district. Later, Karti Chidambaram garlanded the statue of Gandhi in the Gandhi Mandapam in front of the Anna Bus Stand. Following this, while talking to reporters, he said that Amit Shah’s claim that the Congress party will disappear is something they can imagine, but there is a difference between that and reality.

It is a good thing to meet the people of the national party like Congress party, Rahul Gandhi walking will strengthen the Congress party, the party will get strength, the party leadership will get the opportunity to meet the general public and the volunteers directly, the people will be able to know the party’s stand, and tell what effects have come to the society after BJP came to power. A good opportunity for the Congress party,

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Rahul Gandhi Walk:

There are no factions in the Congress party, the Congress party is united. Congress party is a democratic party. Although there are rivalries and opinions within the party, the party is united. The Tamil Nadu Congress party will successfully complete the Rahul Gandhi walk on 7th. The party has made it clear that whoever the eligible members are can contest for the post of All India Congress Party president.

Rahul Gandhi

Who controls Mundara Port?:

Elections will be held democratically in the Congress party. It depends on who it is. We have to see. There is no drug production in Tamil Nadu, it is sold. Drugs enter India from foreign countries through Mundara port. We have to think about who is in control of Mundara port. It is said that drugs come through the port controlled by Adani, who is said to be the 3rd richest man in the world.

All ports are controlled by CSF. Why is Mundara port only CSF? It is not under control, therefore, there are truths in the comments of Tamil Nadu Minister Ponmudi, he said that Annamala, who was in the police service, should be properly investigated and given an answer, he said that it is not acceptable to make superficial statements for the sake of politics.

BJP ruling in illusion:

And has Rs 15 lakhs arrived in people’s bank accounts? The BJP government is ruling under delusion.. If you want to put a list of BJP corruption, there is a lot of list. Who is it? There is no information that they have given money so far and there is no information about what the money is spent on, and they have said that corporate companies can give money to political parties for elections. It should be seen that till now they have given funds to the BJP, they have canceled the loan of lakhs of rupees and to whom they have canceled it. He said that all of them were canceled by people close to BJP.

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First published: September 04, 2022, 14:01 IST

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